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Saturday, 14 June 2014

CAUGHT LIVE - Olivia Newton John..!

 Admit it. Those of you in your twenties and thirties not only listened to Olivia Newton-John nonstop, you wanted to be her. And as we all grew up together, her music not only defined her life, but ours as well. So getting to meet the legend herself should've proved nothing less than life-changing... 

...and good golly it was.

Ahem. Getting the chance to gush to ONJ about her music was fantastic. You could see the sincere appreciation she felt that her work meant to so much to her fans. Olivia was as pleasant and charming as you would imagined (she even made cute little animal noises for no apparent reason. It was epically adorable). Though the time went by very quickly and it's likely she heard nothing she hasn't heard before, she still smiled with gratitude like it was the first time she'd ever been complimented. It was very Taylor Swift.

Gratitude is indeed a palpable feeling while in the presence of ONJ. As she performed to a captivated crowd, she repeatedly stressed how thankful she was to have had such a long career, and that she wanted to give the audience her thanks by giving them their favorite songs from her catalogue. And she performed all of them. The show began with Have You Never Been Mellow and quickly segued into a Xanadu medley that had the crowd beaming. And she looked and sounded just as amazing as she did 30 years prior.

Indeed, most of the songs had the original, classic arrangements. So when she began an acoustic, slowed-down version of Physical, the goose bumps began (and possibly vocal squealing as well). It was incredibly excited to hear a new take on the song, until she stopped very quickly and said "Just kidding. Nobody would want to hear it like that". Umm...over here, Olivia. But the oh-so-brief disappointment soon turned to pure Glee (pun intended) as her cameo from the heyday of the Fox television show played in the background and she and her backup singers performed workout moves in formal wear. It was priceless.

There were many fun moments throughout the evening, equally due to her spontaneous wit and careful planning. Olivia bantered with the crowd quite often, and actually hilarious. She jokingly apologized to the young people in the crowd who had no clue who she was or why their parents had brought them there. That joke was funny but clearly untrue, as the young girl in the front row was the most excited person in the whole auditorium (well, the 2nd most excited...).  The entire Grease medley was oozing with fun as well, complete with Rydell High Pink Lady jackets and karaoke sing-a-long screens. As if we needed the words. We all sang every word (and even hand-jived) to every greasy tune.

Singing You're The One That I Want with Olivia looking right at you just has to go down as one of the coolest moments of your life.

But as fun as the show was, it was equally as moving. Olivia melted the audience with her performances of Hopelessly Devoted To You and Suddenly. The show-stealers, however, began with Sam and Send in the Clowns. Both had everyone in sight teary-eyed as her tender voice effortlessly ripped our hearts out. The absolute highlight of the night, however, was her cover of Cry Me a River. You've probably heard that song sung many times before, but Olivia's smooth and soulful rendition had us closing our eyes and making those jazz faces people get when they're completely lost in the music. 

It was 5 of the sexiest minutes in history.

Halfway through the show, a backdrop summarized Olivia's entire career in the length of one song. The old pictures and videos of her highlighted how stunningly beautiful she's always been. And there was no question her voice was as beautiful as ever. The most beautiful part of the montage, however, was the obvious plethora of humanitarian efforts she's engaged in over the years. She's made a difference in so many charities and lives, and watching her survive her own struggle battle with cancer while she sang Not Gonna Give Into It was incredibly inspiring.

If you get the chance to see Olivia in Vegas, you'll completely regret it if you don't take part. You'll not only take a journey through her musical career (purchasable at iTunes, but you'll get a flashback of your own life while you spend a few hours with a woman who epitomizes beauty, grace, and talent. You may not necessarily think of those qualities when you think Vegas, but we can guarantee that Olivia painted the town with all of them. Even the prostitutes seemed a little classier after one of the best shows Vegas has ever seen

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