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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Album Review - Ed Sheeran - X

After a massive debut +, Ed Sheeran has high expectations and a lot to deliver on this new album, so what can you expect?

X (pronounced "multiply") is the sophomore studio album by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who delivered hit after hit in 2013 and become a massive new talent. His lead single of this new album was Sing and was released on 7 April 2014, becoming his first single in the UK to reach no.1 and took SCP by surprise for his new funky direction. 

Well 'Multiply' is very different but that same, as Sheeran rides on his first found success yet brings a new depth to his music. With so many collaborators such as a Benny Blanco, Jake Gosling and even Pharrell Williams (on the brilliant Sing) to name just a few, you'd think too many producers could deliver a un-cohesive album (there are 10 producers). However all the tracks beautiful blend together, proving Sheeran was head honcho, giving clear direction to all involved over the sound of his LP.

Sheeran isn't trying to be the new JT or The Streets with this album, though tracks like Runaway, lead single Sing and The Man could draw such comparisons. Sheeran plays on his talent of layers and layers of warm harmonies, against soft guitar and piano melodies, mixed with building arrangements or funky guitar jam beats. Ed is a clever lyrical genius as he tells stories of lost and found love that just captures a special moment between two people whether it good or bad.

Opening the album are simple tracks like One with soft beats over a delicate guitar strings and vocals. The track builds & builds into such a beautiful opening to Multiply. Then I'm A Mess diggs deep over soaring over luminous guitar chords. Thinking Out Loud is just so soulful and Sing remains one of our fav track of 2014 (so far)
Other stand out tracks include the great ballad Photograph which is a duet with Robbie Williams, Bloodstream sends pulses round, well, your bloodstream and Tenerife Sun creates pictures of sunset walks down the beach, hand in hand with a lover as Sheeran crones "You'll I'll ever need" awwww sweet!!

Whilst everyone took time to warm to debut album and Sheeran was trying to make a name for himself, this album is an instant winner. Building on his success, Ed took a risk with his style, with his comfort level, yet pulls off an all round well crafted album. 

It's getting a 4 out of 5 pop stars from SCPGrab your copy on iTunes which is set for release 20 June 2014..!

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