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Thursday, 1 May 2014

New Single Alert - Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Love Is A Camera

Following the release of recent singles Young Blood and Runaway Daydreamer, Sophie Ellis-Bextor continues to explore her new found depth in pop will release her third single…

Love Is A Camera is taken from the singer’s fifth studio album Wanderlust and continues her new found artistic freedom with this melancholy track, that is infused with elements of folk and is about a woman who kills people by taking their photo.

Critic’s are claiming the gamble of this new direction by the singer has paid off with the Guardian saying the singer has been “Remodelling herself could be the best thing Ellis-Bextor has done in years” and Mojo stating Ellis-Bextor has offered up “A more stately kind of pop” however SnapCacklepPop are still not overwhelmed with this new direction. We have to admit we miss the dancefloor Sophie. Yes, we understand pop stars need to show breadth and depth once in a while, so we just hope this is a just a phase and hope that SEB is back to carrying out Murder On The Dancefloor soon..!

Let us know your thoughts pop fans and grab your copy of the single Love Is A Camera on iTunes now..!

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