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Saturday, 31 May 2014

New Single Alert - Nicole Scherzinger - Your Love

What's new pussy cat? Well it's great pop music from Nicole Scherzinger that's what's new...
Ever since PCD ended, Nicole has struggled to find mass solo stardom. Yes there have been a few hits that have been warmly received, however none yet to get her amongst the Beyonce, Rihanna's and Miley's of the world.

However this new single, whilst unusual in composition really could be a great way for the singer to gain chart domination.

The new track Your Love is a irresistible pop track, that upon multiple listens gets catchier and  catchier. Full of summer feeling and lyric’s that sing of her man’s love that make her go "do-do-do-do" over a funky fresh beat.

The single was produced by songwriters/producers, The Dream and Tricky, who are also working on the forthcoming album from the Poison singer due out later this year.

Check out the new single and let us know if you think it has pop appeal??
Your Love is available on iTunes now..!

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