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Thursday, 22 May 2014

New Single Alert - The Collective - Burn The Bright Lights

The handsome boys of the The Collective are returning with a new single, minus a band member…

Trent, Will, Jayden and Julian are back with new single Burn The Bright Lights, which the boys says is a new version of the band. Well, seems appropriate since original member Zach Russell left the band to pursue being a fireman. That’s kinda hot..!

As Jayden explains, “We are a new version of The Collective; we have a new reason and we’ve found a new song that really epitomises this.”

There new single is said to “Channel their inhibitions and musicianship, as Burn The Bright Lights is a song that manifests their passion, drive and desire to succeed.

Wowser, sounds impressive.

As Julian adds, “There’s a power and emotion inside Burn The Bright Lights that everyone can relate to no matter what they’re going through, and we wanted to really demonstrate that to the world.”

Well the official track is not out till the end of the month, however exclusively for your listening pleasure is a behind the scenes, that features the new single which is available on iTunes pre-order now..!

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