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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New Album Review - Lily Allen - Sheezus

When Lily Allen took time off from the music scene a little bit of SCP heart died, so when the honest and frank singer returned late last year, it was welcomed with open arms. However singles aside, does the new album Sheezus return the UK singer to form, or does it let down like a hot Air Balloon…

Lily Allen is a talent full stop.  The singer continues post-hip-hop tunes and bullshit-slaying lyrics, that reflect her own reflection on life and the music industry. With the ingeniously titled third studio album Sheezus (a piss take of Kayne West album Jeezus) definitely has the balls we have come to expect from the Hard Out Here singer, with great punch lines, critical observation, juxtaposed with a warmth that only the UK singer can create.

Singles like Hard Out Here reflects on women in the music business and also created controversy for having a video that was deemed racist and Air Balloon that gives us the quirkiness and pure cleverness that Lily brings to her music.

Title track Sheezus, is probably one of the strongest tracks we have heard from the singer, as she reflects further on the music scenes and her female comrades including Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady  Gaga who is apparently “Dying for the art, so really she’s a martyr”

Other great tracks are forthcoming single Our Time which is a euphoric pop jam, Insincerely Yours, commentates on the singer’s absence from the music scene and Close Your Eyes just has funky summer jam all over it.

In summary the album continues to demonstrate the singers comedic reflection on the music industry she loves to hate, combined with her own reflection of celebrity and Internet culture which she comes across unapologetic when it comes to her privileged background.

It’s a more mature and reflective album that we are giving a 3.5 pop stars our of 5, which actually we could push to a 4 due to the fact she is able to sing about her monthly menstrual cycle into a track.

Grab you copy of Sheezuz on iTunes now..!

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