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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Introducing - Allie X..!

She has been named checked by Katy Perry saying she was “obsessed” with the new artists music, however very little is known around the new Canadian singer. Let us introduce you to unknown unsigned rising pop star that is Allie X

Alexandra Ashley Hughes aka Allie X, became known to Katy Perry’s 51million Twitter fans back in March, when the Dark Horse singer posted a direct link to the new artists the amazing song Catch
And no wonder Perry has praised the single, as it’s AMAZING. It's similar to the synth pop style of Swedish pop ladies Robyn and Vanbot, however with Allie X’s own vibe stamped all over it, that is beautifully crafted and had a vulnerability to it. Check it out at the end of this post. AMAZING..!

However, this new found fame doesn’t mean Allie X wants to be crafted into just another pop star, she wants to be an entity in her own right, wanting to remain unknown and has been working with underground producers Cirkut and Billboard to create her nu-wave disco sound.

 Check out her other single Prime that is gaining mass creditability across the world of pop lovers and critics. It's like a 2014 version of Cyndi Lauper, that is grittier, edgier, has mass quirky vocals and big chunky chorus.

We'll leave you with the singers debut Catch that is just pop-tastic and advise you to keep an eye on this "twenty something" singer and just wait for her take on the charts very soon, but in her own unique way..!

UPDATE: We discovered Allie X back in May 2014 and seems its not us who are loving the singer. *Insert smugness here* She hasn’t done anything in the UK yet however is releasing her first EP in November, with the ‘Catch’ EP. For the lead track, ‘Catch’, she’s made this new lyric video, take a look below. What we need to say is Australia, you need to get on the pop bandwagon urgently if you are serious about pop..! 

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