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Monday, 26 May 2014

Interview - Justice Crew

We caught up with one of the hottest boy bands in Australia who are are riding high after securing another number one hit in the ARIA charts with their single Que Sera...

Back for their fourth interview with SnapCacklePop, we catch up with John to dish the dirt on their new direction, getting to No.1, being on tour with Jai Waetford, finally giving us details of an album, reality TV show Survivor, world domination and honey soy chicken. It's the SnapCacklePop interview with Justice Crew..!

Hi John welcome back to SnapCacklePop

Good to be back

You have just finished your #Hypetour - how was that?
It was awesome and went better than we expected. A lot of screaming girls and good vibes.

Isn’t screaming girls everything a boy band wants?
[Laughs] I think so… good to see the fans

Were there any funny stories that happened whilst on tour?
G rated funny?

Well, lets keep it to funny stories you’d be happy share with the world…
We got to hang out with Jai quite a bit and have movie nights. We watch the Paranormal movies…

So you scared the crap out of each other?
Yeah, Jai screamed like a little girl [Laughs]

Your new single is out, Que Sera, why the change in direction?
We wanted to show to everybody there is a different side to Justice Crew and its not that we just like to release party music. We love that type of music of course. We wanted to show a different direction, approach and a more mature side to us, we are growing up and this represents the journey we have been through.

It was an interesting move, as we were worried around how fans would respond to this new sound. Were you are a group nervous at all?
Yes,  we weren’t sure how our fans would take the new sound, as its quite different and more of a Justice Crew version of a ballad. So definitely a bit nervous, however we LOVE the song and everyone seems to be loving it too.

Worth the risk then, as it has got to No.1 and certified platinum. Congratulations. How important is it for you as a band to get to No.1?
It’s CRAZY! All artists want their track to do well and obtaining a No.1 is just the icing on the cake. It great that everyone has responded so well to the new sound.

As you said, the song shows a more mature side to Justice Crew and dare we say it, an “emotional” side for you guys, when was the last time you guys got emotional or cried?
[Laughs] Yeah we all get emotional; we all have feelings [Laughs again!]

So should we expect more of this new sound from Justice Crew?
I think so, fans seems to be loving it, so we want to give them what they want.

With this new sound, there isn’t really much opportunity for you to create one of your signature dance routines. Is that weird for you?
We love to showcase our moves, however with this track, we wanted to strip it back and show us as artists. You can dance to it if you want; however when we do our tours, it good to show a different side and have a break from dancing all the time. [Laughs]

So basically you can catch your breath then?
Indeed [Laughs]

And the video is very stripped back too, is that intentional?
In a lot of our video clips, you can’t tell who is singing what part of the song or who is in the group. This clip is to show who is Justice Crew, just who we are as people and to keep it simple.

You were co-writers on this track too?
We worked with The Messengers who producers the track and wrote the chorus and majority of the song. When we heard it as a band, we loved it, but needed to add our own Justice Crew style to the track so we included more “rappy” verses which is more of our style.

When we last met with you, you couldn’t confirm if there was an album on its way. Can you now?
I can 80% confirm that we want to get an album out there by the end of the year. We always say that there is an album coming [Laughs]

Well soon you will get to a point where you have released enough singles to make up an album...
[Laughs] We still have lots of new material to come. Don’t you worry.

We do have to ask, there was seven of you in Justice Crew when we last caught up, now there are six, how come?
There are six of us now. We just go with the flow.  Emmanuel has left the group to become a full time dad, doing his own stuff and we support him all the way. We will just continue as the 6 of us.

Well, when you first started there was nine people in the band…
Yes over the years we have lost some Justice Crew members, it’s like TV show Survivor [Laughs]

So who do you think will battle to the end and win?
Probably me [Laughs] In all seriousness, we get along as a group and loving where we are right now.

So there will never be a Justice Crew reality TV show  “Search for the new band member”?
Probably not, we have enough people in the band. Maybe we should pursue that Survivor TV idea and do a Justice Crew special [Laughs]

Is world domination next for Justice Crew?
We are definitely hoping this track will get picked up globally, especially in Europe.

What’s next in the pipeline?
We are heading back into the studio, working with different producers and hopefully getting this album out there.

So here are your BIG 5 SCP Questions...
New single Que Sera appeared on high profile TV sync on My Kitchen Rules finale – what is the best dish you cook?
My speciality is Honey Soy Chicken.

What is one song that when played you would dominate the dance floor?
I LOVE that song No Diggity by Blackstreet, it makes me go crazy on the dancefloor.

Que Sera, Sera means, “Whatever will be will be” – When was the last time you used this saying? 
I guess every time I go out with the boys, as you never know what could happen [Laughs]

If you were abandoned on a desert island what three things would you take with you?
Fruit, my mobile phone and my laptop.

If you could only take one fellow member of your crew with you to that island, who would it be?
Would have to be my brother.

Talking of TV show Survivor, what is your biggest fear?
I’m not good with insects at all.

John, thank you from all of us at SnapCacklePop, congratulations once again on the single and finally, what makes your fans the best in the WORLD?
They are sooo loyal to us. They have been with us right from the start, seen our ups and downs and been with us on our journey, which we are so grateful to them. We are so happy to have them with us. We thank and love them soo much.

Que Sera is available on iTunes now..!

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