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Thursday, 29 May 2014


We have patiently waited for the opportunity to interview Dami Im, so when the phone rang offering us time with the singer we did a massive jump of joy followed by a massive "Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk"...

The X-Factor winner is hot property and currently riding the wave of the release of her new single Super Love. We talk about her latest documentary and returning to Korea, her friendship with Dannii Minogue, her next new single and album plans, loving K-Pop, her husband Noah, her Super love for her Dami Army and also she answers some fan questions. Get ready, get set, its the SnapCacklePop Interview with Dami Im..!

Firstly, we are sooo excited, welcome to SnapCacklePop


Great performance on Sunrise earlier this week…
Oh I’m so glad you watched it, thank you very much.

Of course and we also watched your personal and moving documentary last night on Channel 7. Why did you feel you wanted to tell that side of your life?
People have seen me on X-Factor and become a pop singer, they think I live the celebrity life. So I wanted to let people know it didn’t happen over night.

How was it reuniting with your family back in Korea?
It was my first time back in Korea since winning, so it was very exciting to see my family and have the camera crew there to capture the moment.

It was so cute when you where watching the show again with your family…
It was great to see their reaction when I sang Purple Rain, see their excitement and share the experience with them of when I finally won the show.

How was it to share your Korean experience with Dannii Minogue?
I am so grateful that Dannii just wants to support me. She is a judge on X-Factor and she doesn’t have to provide all this support, however she just wants the best for me and that’s why she took the time and came to Korea. It’s also wonderful that I get to have this friendship with Dannii, rather than just mentor and contestant. I’m a very lucky girl indeed.

And what a great friend to have in Dannii Minogue…
I know. She is not just what you see on TV. She can be very professional and very hands one with everything she does, yet she also has this beautiful heart and is so genuine in caring about other people.

What was the biggest thing you took away from the whole experience of going back to Korea?
So many things! Firstly visiting the North Korean border with my grandma and mum, to remember my grandfather who was from South Korea. It was amazing experience to see what it was like. As grandma said “I hope that Korea get reunified soon”. The secondly I got to do a press conference over there and release Super Love

We know, you were trending over there on Twitter. How exciting was that for you?
[Laughs] You guys know so much about me already…

We do our research Dami...
 [Laughs] So many articles were coming online after the press conference and I got to do a TV show called Star King, which has a really great reception.

And back here in Australia you have just given an ARIA No.1 Chart award. How was that?
It is amazing. I never thought in my life this would come to me, for the album and the single. It’s all still a bit surreal.

So X-Factor is soon to start again, can you believe how much has changed for you in just one year?
It is so weird a new season is starting and this time last year I was just one of the contestants, nervous about appearing on the show. I didn’t expect to get anywhere, I just thought it would be a great experience.

Our fav moment has to be Purple Rain. Amazing! Was there any time when you wondered about Dannii Minogue’s song choice or outfits you had to wear?
Sometimes. Especially in the first week where I got One by U2 and I had never heard the song before. Then I had to not only sing the song well and not forget the words, I had to play the piano too…

A flying piano…
EXACTLY [Laughs] That was crazy. I’m so glad I did that… and survived [Laughs]
Seriously it was scary as when they lifted me up, the piano was swaying from side to side!

Would you go back and do it again?

It was such a great experience. I don’t know. It was sooo intense. We were so busy and week after week there was a routine and new songs to learn, we didn’t have time to do anything else. We all lived together so there was no family time, which you know is important to me.

So let’s talk further about your new single, Super Love, what an amazing track, how proud are you of that song?
I really really LOVE this song. It’s called Super Love as I feel the reason I won the show was I was able to make people feel better and I think this track is a great reflection of that. It’s also think its a great feel good track for my fans, that makes them think of Super Love in their lives.

And how much super love to you have for your husband Noah and everything he has done to support you?
No words can describe how grateful and how much I want thank him, for the support and everything he does for me. And he does it everyday. Sometimes I think he cares about my career, and me, more than he cares for himself. I’m a very lucky girl.

Is the single a good reflection of what we should expect from your forthcoming album?
Well I can reveal there will be another single released prior to the album.

Oh do we know the name of that track yet?
Oh sneaky SnapCacklePop. Not that I can tell you just yet. [Laughs] The album will have tracks similar to Super Love  but also include some variety, including some nice ballads, mid tempo tracks and slow songs. I want to make an album that can be loved by all generations.

So we put a call out to your Dami Army for some questions and we got inundated.
Yeah I saw that on Facebook. [Laughs]

So we have some questions from your fans, you ready, the first one is from John – “Will your next album include a cover of " I honestly love you" x Olivia Newton John, which Dami she sang so beautifully at the Australia Day concert?”
That’s a very specific question. [Laughs] There are no plans to at the moment, however I can say there might be a cover song on the album.

We also have a question from Chris Does your future plan include breaking into the US and European market? Are there plans to collaborate with well-known and established USA producers such as Pharrell Williams?”
Well I can’t say that’s a plan I have at the moment, however it’s more like a dream I would have to work with Pharrell. Everything just happens, so I can’t plan too far ahead just yet and my focus at the minute is my next single and releasing the album. However you never know, one day.

Fan question from Brenda in Singapore who says you are being played on the radio over there and wanted to ask,  “ do you get nervous before a performance and how do you overcome it”
Well I was a bit nervous singing Super Love on Sunrise earlier this week due to it being first time I had sung it live in Australia, however now its more excitement rather than nerves.

Well "singing live" leads us on nicely to Gem’s question on “ are you going to head on tour soon?”
I’d LOVE too! I think after the album is released I will work with my record company and start planning a tour.

How exciting! We will be there in the front row!
I’d love to see you guys there.

So Dami Im, your Big SCP 5 questions are...

You have become great friends with Dannii Minogue, would you ever like to do a duet with her?
Well we kind of have already. We sang Gangnum Style at Karaoke and also Redfoo’s I’m Sexy And I Know It, so we have already done one. [Laughs]

In the video for Super love you are dressed as a superhero, what super power would you love and why?
Ooooh good question! I would like to time travel. That would be amazing!

If you were abandoned on a desert island what three things would you take with you?
Noah of course! A fridge of food and aircon! [Laughs]

We are big fans of K-Pop at SnapCacklePop, which K-pop groups do you love or advise we should check out?
I like Brown Eyed Girl, 21 and Bing Bang as well. Boa is definitely my favorite and I got to meet her in Korea. So exciting!

Finally what is a great night out for Dami Im & Noah?
We love eating. We are such foodies. Noah likes Korean flavours and likes hot spicy chilly everywhere. We then grab a Boost Juice and then head home and watch a movie. That’s my ideal night out.

You have a fantastic Army of fans, what is one message you’d like to say to them for their support? 
I feel like the Dami Army are so special. They have been so loyal to me from X-Factor to now. When I get hate messages, they always fight back for me. They are so supportive and without them I couldn’t have followed my dream and released new music, so I thank them with all my heart.

Dami Im, it has been an absolute pleasure. From us all at SCP HQ, thank you.
Thank you soo much SnapCacklePop.

Super Love is available on iTunes now..!

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