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Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Video Alert - Beyonce - Grown Woman

As if we needed any more proof that Beyonce is the current queen of the music industry. What's that, you say? You do. Well, okay. We guess we can help you there. Luckily Queen B just keeps giving us evidence to support this argument. Her latest effort is just...

...amazing. In fact, it may be one of her best videos ever. And this is a good thing.

If you're like us, you may have forgotten Beyonce a little bit as of late. She came out with an enormous bang, dropping a surprise visual album at the end of 2013 that slayed any of the diva's competition. Beyonce the album was the talk of everybody's musical town for months. But then...

When you work in music (or are just a super duper fan), you're bombarded by new tunes on the daily. That's where repetition plays an important role in keeping an artist on the tip of your tongue. Strong radio play for commercial singles is usually the main port for the repetition ship. Beyonce's album was massively successful, but not because of a single. Because it was dropped on us all at once.

The problem? We all got all the hits at the same time. Fans didn't need to just one song to rally behind. And radio didn't really feel the need to choose one single. Not only did they not need to, but with an album full of videos, it was pretty much impossible to pick one that would make people stop caring about the other dozen and call in to request it. And listeners = money in the radio world. And money drives just about everything.

But here's where we (once again) underestimated the brilliant bootylicious business woman. She had backup videos that were even better than the originals and she's waiting for the perfect moments to drop them for attention. The recently released director's cut for Grown Woman? Phenomenal. (PS. If you need yet more proof, our autocorrect didn't even try to mark bootylicious as ungrammatical. That's how powerful this trick is).

As for the video itself, it's innovative in so many ways. It has a similar vibe to Rihanna's Rude Boy, but it makes that video look like some archaic ancestor. Bey's vid takes the always-fun-to-look-at-color-splashy-spirogrammy-graphics and intertwines them with footage of her as a child actually singing the lyrics. Literal interpretations like that don't always work, but she knocks this one out of the park.

On top of that, she continues to create a plethora of memorable styles. Madonna got tons of (deserved) credibility for changing her looks for each album. Beyonce gives multiple album's worth of iconic looks in one damn video.  
Take that, Madge.

Not that Beyonce needs any more YouTube clicks or money in her pockets, but you might as well as join the rest of the world in our worship of the queen. You can check out Grown Woman on iTunes and bedazzle yourself with the snazzy sparkly video below..!

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