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Monday, 14 April 2014

New Single Alert - Samantha Jade - Up..!

Samantha Jade returns to pop form and supports the Socceroos with her new dance-a-lious single Up...

Though Soldier  was a “ok” pop song, it did not meet the pop standards we had come to expect from our Sammy J. (Firestater and What You've Done To Me)  So upon hearing the new track Up!  we are excited to the X-Factor almni has returned to true poptastic form with this new single .

Co-written and produced by LA-based Zac Poor and Mario Marchetti, Up!" is an unquestionably-irresistible slice of euphoric pop/dance with a fun, infectious hook, created specifically with Samantha's energy in mind.  Specking of the track Sammy said "Zac is like my best friend in the world. We've known each other for about seven years, and he and I use to write together in LA when I lived there. He came over to Australia to hang out and we ended up writing the song together in the studio. After Soldier being so intense and emotional I wanted to do something more up and energetic. I wanted to go back to that really pop, fun place of What You've Done To Me, and we really managed to find that spirit again."

We couldn't agree more SJ..!

It brings together all the pop qualities we expect at SCP HQ, high energy, catchy lyrics and a danceable beat. The song has been selected as the official anthem for the Socceroos, who will compete in Brazil this June, and Samantha will get the opportunity to perform it live at their send-off game against South Africa on May 26 at ANZ Stadium. "It's really cool that my new single will get to accompany the excitement surrounding the Socceroos and the World Cup," Jade says. "’Up!’ Is a celebration-type record - it's about turning up the night and making the most out of things, so it's a  perfect match for the Socceroos."

Up! draws more attention to the sparkling pop career of Samantha Jade and leaves us drooling for her long-awaited official-debut artist-album, which the artist says is not far away saying "We're very close to finishing up work on the album, but we've a had a few delays, and my mum hasn't been very well so the timeline has shifted a bit," she reveals honestly. "The songs are all going to be under the pop umbrella - there are ballads, there are songs that are acoustic, midtempos, uptempo club sounds; there is a lot of variety, but it's all definitely pop at the end of the day."

Check out the track below and grab your copy of the BRILLANT dance track on iTunes now..!

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