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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New Single Alert - Prince - THE BREAKDOWN

Prince has been making music for a very long time. We can still remember hearing Purple Rain on cassette for the very first time and wondering how precipitation could get that colorful. That's because Prince is nothing if not quirky and unpredictable. That's how he's managed to be interesting for so long. And it's definitely true of his brand new single...

THE BREAKDOWN is unlike anything we've ever heard. And we likey.

First of all, yes, the title is in all capital letters. We're not cyber-screaming the name of the song at you (yet, but maybe if we have enough energy shots...) Prince has always been a fan of screwing with the english language. From the time when he just put the letter U in all of his songs to the era where his name was literally some unpronounceable symbol, we doubt he has a subscription to Webster's Dictionary. 

But it's the innovative musical choices he makes that make his vocabulary antics worth dealing with. His classic catalogue is full of incomparable gems like When Doves Cry, 7, and The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. Just try and find a song that sounds like any of those. You can't. If you think you can, we'll call you something else unpronounceable (at least on a family friendly blog).

His recent musical reemergences have shared the same unpredictable nature, though sadly with much less success. Hopefully this single can break that trend.

It's starts off with some pretty early 90s piano that sounds very Mariah Carey in her Walter Afanasieff heyday. (Maybe Prince figures since Mariah refuses to release a new album, he'll pick up the slack? #stillwaitingMsCannon). The tempo picks up as Prince gets unusually somber, but in a very pretty way. And just when you think you've figured the song out, the pretty takes a sharp turn into screaming.

Now that may sound horrible. Screaming isn't something we pop music fans usually get into, and when our beloved pop stars try it, we usually cringe (we're looking at you Kelly Clarkson). But for some reason, it works here. It just sounds like an artist releasing every emotion he was feeling at the time. He probably didn't even plan to do it.  It just happened. 

Now that Prince has settled his dispute with Warner Records, we can not only look for more great new music, but lose ourselves in his Princey past as well. The aforementioned Purple Rain is set to be re-released with some super fun extras. But until that happens, you can join Prince in his BREAKDOWN (IN ALL CAPS!) on iTunes and watch his interview with Arsenio Hall below. If Prince has one flaw, it's that he makes his music almost impossible to find without paying for it. But good on ya, Prince. This time you deserve it..!

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