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Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Single Alert - Dave Audé ft. Andy Bell - Aftermath

Take one top DJ and Producer Dave Audé and team up with Andy Bell from Erasure and you having a fabulous dance single in the making...

This is a great track full stop. It's not surprising when you think of the two people involved, with Audé being a mega producer and remixer of some of the great pop club hits and then the 80's dream electro pop master Erasure's vocalist Andy Bell. No wonder it is called Aftermath (Here We Go) as it leaves you devastated and wanting more..!

With hypnotic grooves and beautiful synths, the catchy song just soars with an irresistible melody and track that is quite euphoria, blended with the sincerity and clarity in Bell’s voice

Get this song now, as it’s going to be BIG. It’s pop, it’s fabulous and this is our tune of the week..! This is pop. Now here we go..!

We applaud you boys, well done.

Head over to SoundCloud to listen to this amazing single now or just cut the middle man and head to iTunes now and purchase this damm good song..!

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