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Monday, 28 April 2014

Interview - Luciana

Behind every fabulous pop star is a great creative team and our pop lover Luciana is no exception. On the release of her fabulous new single You Only Talk In Hashtag we managed to catch up with Luciana and David Burgoyne, co-writer of the new track and director of the new video…

They have been friends for years and they act like an old married couple, so it was a very entertaining chat when we met these two in Los Angeles for our interview over a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit. We talked with the duo about their creative minds, their new video, why they don't like the Real Housewives, working with Dave Aude, marriage equality and so much more...

Firstly how did you two meet? Was it love at first sight?
David - She came into my salon looking like a young Sophia Loren, so yes it was love at first sight.

Luciana (interrupts) - Aaaaw, he loves me. Yes I wanted a change so I went to Toni and Guy for a consultation. I took my hair out of my scrunchee (she laughs) That’s so eighties!!  He took my scrunchee and tied my hair back up and said,  (in his west country farmer accent) "people would kill for that hair. Leave it as it is" Seriously, what hairdresser ever says that. So Yes, I loved him instantly.

David - Yeah but two weeks later I chopped it all off and died it black and white for the British Hairdressing Awards, soooooo….

And how have you worked together ever since? You must be like a old married couple?
Luciana - We are a bit, we call each other Chel and Roy, that’s my mum and his Dad's name. Because we remind ourselves of them sometimes.

David - We have got to the point where we find ourselves hilarious and other people just look at us like we are mad. How you ask? I guess because we just work so effortlessly together, we bounce off each other creatively and Luci really trusts my judgment. That’s why it works I guess.

So you both wrote the new single 'hashtag' - Tell us about your new track?
Luciana - It's #fabulous. We wanted to make a statement about the #craze. Neither of us really get it because we are (she laughs) not teenagers!!
We find it really hard to remember to hashtag when we do social media so we both started to make a bit of a joke about it. Using hashtags inappropriately wherever we could. Then Dave Aude came up with this awesome track and wanted something really quirky over it. .... we put the two ideas together....and voila!!!!

Where/how did you come up with the new track?

Luciana - We were sat in a street cafe in Sydney during a really magical thunderstorm.

David - Luci kept on asking me how does a hashtag work and how can we fit it into a song. We sat there drinking coffee and just came up with the most random hashtags you can think of. We then listened to the track and started to fit them into sentences and then we fitted the sentences together to make the song. For me it was the first time I was witness to Luci's genius writing technique and I just started to channel her vibe. Like a jigsaw puzzle we put it all together. Luci then fine tuned it with her writing partner Nick Clow, who came up with the "ummmm, You only talk in hashtag' line.

The track speaks of the world of "hash tagging" taking over and face to face conversation becoming less and less, why do you believe this
Luciana - I really have no idea. Trends are a weird thing aren't they? Social media, twitter and FB are like a new religion.

David - I've noticed I actually prefer texting than talking on the phone these days.. I have no idea why that is.

Luciana - OMG, he never answers his phone. It can be 'tres annoyage!!'

Are you not fans of the housewives as the lyrics suggests?
David - Is anybody a fan? They are so fake and awful and just so banal !!!

Luciana - Ooh bit harsh, (they chuckle together) It's car crash TV isn't it , we seem to love to watch. I don't hate them….much!!

Do you think the rise of personal mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets is making the world and better or worst place?
Together - ooooh

David - It’s a double edged sword. Better and worse. Sometimes I want to throw all my Mac stuff out the window.

Luciana - You've got to go with it or be left behind. I think better. Social media makes things so much more interactive. It allows me to reach my fans in a real fun way.

You've teamed up with the fabulous Dave Aude, what's he like to work with?
Luciana - He's like a big brother. He loves me and trusts my creativity so I just love him. He's a dream.

So David, not only are you co-writer on this track you are also the director of the new video, tell us about it?
David - When we finished the lyrics, we wanted to send them to Dave so he could hear how they fitted around his track. I filmed her mouth on my iPhone singing the lyrics to the backing track. When we played it back, we just both knew this was how the video would roll. We wanted a lyric video combined with a quirky story and we wanted so badly to get the straw dress into something before Katy Perry stole it.  We are big lovers of John Waters so we wanted to make a real low budget, home made feeling video. Very much like the early 'Waters' movies. This song is pure punk, and punk is arty, fun, in your face and trashy. So is our video. I wrote the treatment; with the help of my boyfriend we filmed and edited the final clip together in 4 days, pretty much working solid. I think it cost us $40 for the special effects plug in we needed for final cut… En voila!!

That's some impressive dress, who made it and you must have got some weird looks walking down Hollywood Boulevard whilst filming?
Luciana - People were actually really supportive. My mum was given the job of keeping them out of the shot. They were shouting, "OMG is that dress made of straws!!" We had to get the shot so I just smiled and did what David yelled at me to do. I focused!!!

David - Our fabulous friend and genius talent Jeffrey Bryant created the dress. He does all the stage shows for the Pet shop Boys. His talent as a dressmaker is beyond my comprehension.

Luciana - It's a work of art, I was blown away. As David said, we kind of worked the video around the dress. We love Jeffrey Bryant.

And you have been Luciana's stylist and photographer since you've met, what are your three favourite looks or images with the singer?
David - I have been doing her hair since 1856….(he laughs) 'Stylist' in inverted commas!! We get by on that one by many combined efforts. We are always looking for great stylists to contribute and collaborate.  I help fuse things together. Luciana has a strong sense of self and I see things as she does, so creatively we are instinctive and synergistic. I can't pick 3 favorites.  I love Luciana looking like a cross between Divine and Sophia Loren, however sometimes I have stop things going too drag.

Luciana - Oh I love drag, the draggier the better for me darling. Life’s dull enough without eye lashes and glitter!!

So very talented then, does it run in the family?
David - Yes my brother and I filmed and produced the I Like That video for Luciana. So I guess it does.

Luciana - Did I mention we have over 11 million hits on you tube for that one!! Thank you.

So in summary, David you are Luciana's "work bitch" and Luci you are David's "fag hag"?
Luciana - perfect, you got it in one!!

And David do you have a husband?
David - We are engaged. I’m waiting for him to make and honest man of me. So…….

So to get slightly political on your ass for just a moment, do you think it's time more countries accept same sex marriage?
Luciana - I cannot believe in 2014 there are people who are against it. I mean, what difference does it make really. It will happen. It's happening slowly. Every night on the news now there are gay friendly stories. In 10 years time the kids who are growing up today, will not bat an eyelid. It will be the norm. I'm looking forward to that day.

And David if you could marry, would Luciana be your bridesmaid and what would you make her wear?
Of course she would be. I would make her wear a leotard and high heels and a black mantilla, dead classy!!!

So finally (before big 5 questions) what's planned for the rest of the year for you both?
Luciana - I have some amazing collaborations coming up which I'm very exited about. Hopefully more touring and generally carry on being creative together.

David - Things change so much, I'm happy as long as we are get to do the things we love together. There will be more shoots, more tours and more lipstick, eyelashes and more lipstick!!!

Top 5 questions...

If you had to compare yourselves to a famous duo who would it be and why?
David - Definitely 'John Waters and Divine'  

Luciana - I'd say 'French and Saunders' or 'Laurel and Hardy', oh or  'Bette Davis and Joan Crawford' from 'whatever happened to Baby Jane!!'

They laugh together

David - Seriously though, any duo who brings out the best in each other. She's my performing seal!!

What's your fav hashtag?
Luciana - #ichliebedich

David -  #faghag

What's one annoying habit the other has?
David - Luciana is constantly losing her passport and blaming it on me!

Luciana - He always repeats himself, he's told me he went to Miami at Christmas over 15 million times… I mean literally.

Who do you think needs a good spanking in the celebrity world?
Luciana - I want to punch Justin Bieber, he's just annoying me now.

David - Vladamir Putin. He is a horrible man. He's not a celeb though. Ok, anyone of the #housewives

So you have travelled the world together, what's the funniest tour story you can share with SCP readers?
They look at each other

David - We have a saying, "If I don't remember it, it didn't happen"

Luciana - What goes on tour stays on the tour!!! We have had some scrapes and got ourselves into some outrageous situations, soooooo. I remember this one time…

David interrupts.

David - shhhhhhh, not that story!!

You Only Talk In Hashtag is available on iTunes now..!

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