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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pete's Pop Picks

This week Pete's got a real eclectic selection of tracks for you aural pleasure! The full gamut of Pop is represented in these three tracks from talented countries across the world! Who will be Pete's Pop Pick of the month? Find out here now..!

Max - Mug Shot 
At just 21, Max is ready to completely shake up the music industry. This kid has some wicked talent being a brilliant singer and talented songwriter as well. Performing since the age of 3, Max has his amazing talent built in, landing an agent at just 14 years old. 

When you hear Mug Shot you'll find it hard to believe it's from an artist at the dawn of his career. Mug Shot has some brilliant musicality to it but also a real brutality and rawness that is missing from a lot of music these days. With a fantastic video to accompany, Max is gonna be big and if radio pick up Mug Shot, expect to see this awesome track at the top of the charts shortly! Well done Max for being Pete's Pop Pick of the month available on iTunes now..!

Stine Bramsen - Prototypical
If you recognise the name Stine Bramsen or the above photo rings some bells then all of us here at SCP salute you. Only the real Pop fan will recognise the front lady of popular Danish Pop group Alphabeat. With smash singles like Facination, Boyfriend and Vacation under her belt, Stine Bramsen knows what a Pop single should be like. 

With her debut single Prototypical she proves that fact and brings us something more - a real edge missing from Alphabeat songs. Bringing her own unique style to the track, Prototypical starts out on the slower side before the edgy chorus brings in a brilliantly full sound we just love! Check out Prototypical here now and grab your copy on iTunes..!

Sweet California - This Is The Life
Looking at the girls on single cover, taking in the name of the band and watching the first part of the video for This Is The Life, you'd think that Sweet California is the latest girl group from Hollywood USA. Well if you thought that you couldn't be more wrong - Sweet California is the latest girl group from Madrid, Spain and they're looking to make their mark on Pop worldwide. 

This Is The Life really has a EuroPop flavour to it and listening closely you can hear the Spanish accent coming through on the vocals. This is a fun song and it's Pop right through to the core. Spanish with a dash of Country? It works! Watch This Is The Life here now and pop over to iTunes if you like it..!

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