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Monday, 24 March 2014

New Video Alert - Zedd - Find You (ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant)

Zedd is back! Okay, technically he never went anywhere. He's just had trouble getting post-Clarity levels of attention. Not that we think he necessarily cares, as he's probably just happy making great music. We care, however, as we want his talent to get the recognition it deserves. Will his new video from the Divergent soundtrack slingshot him back into public awareness...

...well, we're torn. We see both hope and fear, good and bad. One might say we're diverged. One might also say that's not actually a thing.

But it's the perfect faux-word to describe our conflicted feelings here. Not since The Cardigans' Erase/Rewind have we felt the need to use the / symbol so recklessly. But this video needs a pro/con assessment like now...

That Song: Sounds like Clarity/Sounds like Clarity - Clarity was a huge success because it managed to pull out deep emotions hidden under a dance beat. That's surprisingly difficult to do. It's hard to cry while twerking (unless you're Miley Cyrus), but by golly Zedd got us there last year. Find You pulls off the same emotional/dance vibe, but it may be too reminiscent of Clarity in structure and sound to get the praise its due.

Those Lyrics: I Will Find You/You Always Make Me Go Moo - We enjoy the sweet and happy lyrics, particularly after the deceptively depressing lyrics of Clarity. But we could swear the last line of this song inspires the singer to make cow noises. We're not sure how we'd feel about someone that made us go "moo"...

That Video: Looks like Clarity/Looks like Clarity - Again, there are a lot of similarities here. The first half of the video could easily be Clarity video outtakes. Bright colors, geometric shapes, shaky frantic camera moments? Check, check, check. It's only the last minute of the video that takes us somewhere new. Which is apparently the wintry forest of Narnia. #TheLionTheWitchandTheTechno

That Couple: Yay Equality/Wait, Is That The Same Person? - We were excited for the revelation that the couple in this video is indeed two women in love. We need more diverse couples as the leads in anything, without any huge fanfare or message, just two people in love. But the two girls in this video are styled so similarly that we're not entirely sure they're different people. Which is either a sneaky way to not be so upfront about lesbian love, or a clever message that went way over our heads.

The Guest Stars: Great Singers/Where's Zedd? - Look. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant have stunning voices. They not only work well for this song, but they sound beautiful together. The problem? Zedd is incredibly adorable and we need to see more of him. He only gets roughly 4.6 seconds of screentime. We may be exaggerating a little, but it's distressing. We spent most of the video trying to Find Zedd as opposed to trying to Find You (sorry, you).

All joking aside, this is a really good song with a really good video that just seems really familiar. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. If we didn't like familiarity we wouldn't be so excited about the upcoming sequel for Mean Girls. Thankfully Zedd didn't make us wait a decade (or put us through a slew of criminal activities) to give us another gem. Go find Find You on iTunes and check out the brand new/kinda old video below..!

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