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Monday, 24 March 2014

New Video Alert - Lady Gaga - G.U.Y

After not delivering a video for her last video Do What You Want, Lady Gaga releases a film for new track G.U.Y and enlisted a few Real Housewives to join the event...

On her mission to bring Art and Pop together, Mother Monsters latest video clocks in at a massive 11minutes 46 seconds which is bigger that her video Telephone with the fabulous Beyoncé a few years back. And in short, its Gaga back to her weird and wonderful self.

It is also the directorial debut by Lady Gaga herself and once again provides us with a glimpse into the mega pop stars crazy mind. The clip begins with ArtPop track playing with the singer face down in the ground wearing feathered wings and an arrow sticking out of her skin, surrounded by business executives stealing money. The singer then scrambles through the ground to a large castle before being draped with a flower head dress and placed into a pool for water as another album track Venus is played.

The singer finally emerges from the pool in a skimpy white outfit to sing G.U.Y. which is an acronym for "girl under you". Then just when things couldn’t get weirder ladies, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' dressed in pink, playing acoustic guitars, a harp and tambourine in a Greek mythology-inspired set. After a number dance routines in various elaborate rooms around the castle a plot is developed and Gaga sets out to take revenge on the business executives who stole her money at the beginning of the clip.

Yep we told you, weird.

Check out the EPIC clip below and if you have not got Lady Gaga new album ArtPop yet grab your copy on iTunes now..!

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