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Thursday, 13 March 2014

New Video Alert - Krewella - Enjoy the Ride

We LOVE EDM. We were thrilled to see Calvin Harris, Zedd, and Avicii become household names and radio mainstays. But as pop music has embraced EDM, with everyone from Britney Spears to Celine Dion experimenting with it, well, let's just say EDM has lost a little of its edge. Fear not, however, because Krewella have come along to put it back in...

...and their new video for single Enjoy the Ride does just that.

Now, when we tell you the video is set in a carnival, with dolls, ferris wheels, and your typical circus fare, you may be thinking "there's nothing about cotton candy or popping balloons to win One Direction dolls" that's edgy. But this isn't that kind of carnival.

It's a scare the expletive-of-your-choice out of you carnival.

This little circus is spooky. Britney Spears wouldn't be caught dead here. We can only imagine her running away screaming in fact. The carnies in this clip are downright spooky, from their facial expressions (or lack thereof) to their movements. If we played the Halloween theme over this video you'd think it was the trailer for a horror movie.

So if you're not familiar with Krewella, you might be expecting to see artists with looks along the lines of Marilyn Manson or Insane Clown Posse from what we're describing. Not stunningly beautiful girls. But stunningly beautiful is what you'll get. And not just with Krewella's good looks, but also with the artistic detail director Kevin Tancharoen has crafted into every scene, perfectly combining beauty and terror in a 5 minute clip.

The lyrics of Enjoy the Ride contain the line "and if it's hard or soft before we get off, I'm gonna enjoy the ride". That's the perfect line to sum up this video, and Krewella in general. We suppose you could take that a number of ways, but we're opting for this all ages friendly interpretation. Don't be afraid to mix the light with the dark, the spooky with the sweet, or the pretty with the bizarre. Just Enjoy the Ride.

And you can do just that by purchasing this track on iTunes and checking out the video below. It may inspire sweet sweet dreams of frolicking with pretty ladies, or terrifying nightmares of dolls with cracks in their faces chasing you around a tent. Either way...wait for it...just Enjoy the Ride..!

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