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Thursday, 20 March 2014

New Video Alert - Karmin - Pulses

SHOCK! We've been listening to the new Karmin song in disbelief - it's wrong - all wrong. What's going on!! Their new single Pulses is not sung by Amy, it is sung by....
the male half of Karmin - Nick!! OK OK, lets get used to this... Hmmm. Hot guy? Check. Amy's rap? Check. Narration by special guest voice George Takei? Check. Karmin deliciousness? Check. Alright Karmin. You've got us again - you guys rock!! 

Starting off with a bit of a lesson in sound before clapping into a wicked beat, we were kinda taken back to see a half naked Nick singing in front of the camera. These guys have launched into another new sound for their latest single. The third single from their new album, also called Pulses sounds very different from the first single Acapella and the follow up I Want It All. They've got so much talent these guys and it exudes from every note they make. 

Have a watch of Pulses here now and stay tuned for our review of their new album Pulses soon..!

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