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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

New Single Alert - Fun - Sight Of The Sun

Didn't fun launch themselves onto the music scene with a bang! We Are Young was an anthem of 2012 and they just kept on getting better. Some Nights rocked then Carry On  fuelled the album to the stay at the top of the charts for months. Then came Pink. Just Give Me A Reason made a household name out of Fun. frontman Nate Reuss. So their new single has gotta be big...

It's called Sight Of The Sun and it's pretty cool. It's no powerhouse single like We Are Young - it's tamer than that but it's got it's own groove with a pretty interesting use of strings. Nate brings a delicateness to the single that we've not seen in their previous work. 

We're pretty sure the fans will absolutely love this new single but we're not sure it'll have the chart success of their last singles. Doubtless that the soon to come video will have all the artistry they're known for and we look forward to seeing what their third album will bring! 

Have a listen to Sight Of The Sun and grab your copy on iTunes now..!

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