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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Interview - Taylor Henderson

With new single When You Were Mine out now Taylor Henderson wants to show a different side to himself. We caught up with the X-Factor alumni to chat about his single, forthcoming album, life after the reality TV show, his fans and being heartbroken...

Taylor Henderson welcome to SnapCacklePop...
Hey guys, thanks for having me, how you been, what's been happening?

Well the interview is about you, but thanks for asking, we're great thanks.
I can ask about you still, I'm nice like that, I'm just interested.

How are you going?
I'm currently in Sydney, doing promo for the new single with all the radio stations. And just got back from break in Bali.

Ooh, how was your holiday?
Yeah was great. My recording label (Sony) really wanted me to have a break, as have been working my butt off getting the new album ready. So before the madness begins of promoting the album, they said take some time off.

Well you have been on quite a roller coaster since X-Factor finished. Your debut single Borrow My Heart went double platinum, you had just as a successful album, how have you coped with the change in lifestyle?
I still remember the day when I went into Sony and they congratulated me on being a recording artist and I was like "What?", as I've been so used to be being a builder my whole life. And when this song (Borrow My Heart) came out, I knew what I had to do and give it the hard yards and my everything. Then ensuring I am chatting to my fans on social media as thats so important that I connect with them. Then with this new song When You Were Mine, the track is my way of giving back to the fans, it creates a two way conversation between us. We have teased the song for a few weeks, however due to my fans demand, we brought it out slightly early.

Well isn't it nice to be in demand?
[Laughs] It's very nice!

So tell us about your new single?
It's horrible I would never buy it [Laughs] I was very clear that I didn't want to do Borrow My Heart take 2 and just "chuck" out another catchy song. Borrow My Heart was very original, so wanted to do the same with this record. This track is like Ed Sheeran meets Matt Corby.

In what way?
It's got a swing to it, but still catchy. I spent a long time with lyrics, making sure every lyric is accounted and not over the top. It tells a story, it's like a love letter and it has an honesty to it.

Where have you drawn inspiration from for this track then?
Well I'm only 20 years old so do not have loads of life experience yet, however for me its about a moment of insecurity. Sometimes when you have something so good and you let it slip by, when you look back you realise it perhaps was a missed opportunity.

How has it been working on your first solo album?
What has been great about recording this record, is I am recording my own songs. It's been great to work with some great collaborators, building and fleshing out a great idea and then to have some of my existing songs I wrote a few years ago on the album, it feels like it has come together.

Do you have a SCP exclusive of an album title yet?
[Laughs] Not that I can tell you yet. However, I can tell you it will be after a particular song, that is very strong but that's all I can reveal.

Do you feel there is a lot of pressure to follow up the success of your last LP?
Well my last record was full of great covers and I was very lucky in how it all came together. However with this album, I am able to put my own tracks out there, I'm on my own path this time and may surpass some people's expectation as to what to expect. There are like some little gems on this album.

So what have you learnt most about yourself since you left X-Factor?
I'm definitely more independent and has changed my approached to life. Before I was just living day by day as a tradesmen, however now I am creating a career and need to play my cards right, with the people around me, to ensure I have longevity in this business. Also have learnt more about airports than I ever knew before with the amount I travel now. I have racked up some great frequent flyer points [Laughs]

Well thank you for your time today, lets end with our big 5 SnapCacklePop questions...
Break them to me gently [Laughs]

Your new single When You Were Mine sings of lost love - when was the last time you were heart broken?
Well depends if its about a girl or just a situation. Like the other day I went to the freezer for some ice-cream and there was none left, so I was pretty heart broken over that [Laughs] If relating to girls, I remember one valentines day in Year 7 I prepared to ask a girl out by giving her a rose and the girl hid from me all day in the girls changing room.

How rude!
I was heart broken. Shattered my friend.

Who do you have a secret pop crush on?
I have to say I'm a massive Mila Kunis fan. I know its typical but you know she is very sexy.

With the Oscars only last week, who would play you in a film?
You'd have to find someone as ugly to match my face. [Laughs]

Oh come on, all your fans will totally disagree with that comment...
Ok. How about Jonah Hill? I like to think I'm funny and I think he's great.

If you were a superhero, what power would you have and why?
Good question. I think it would have to be the ability to fly. Just walk out the door and fly to work.

Well you may lose your frequent flyer points then!

 What makes your fans so great?
The good thing with my fans, is they are with me all the way. I don't really like to call them fans, as they are just their like friends supporting me. They are also engaging with me on social media, I really like to connect with them, which is very flattering the amount of support I have received.

Lastly, what is one thing we would never know about you?

Um, please explain, does that mean you can't stop winking? 
Well it means the nerve endings in my eye are connected with my mouth. So if I chew or if I yawn, my eyelid moves.

Does that get you in trouble sometimes?
I remember ordering MacDonald's once and the lady serving me got freaked out and couldn't serve me.

Well thats something we would NEVER have known. Thanks for sharing and good luck Taylor with your new single and forthcoming album.
Thanks SnapCacklePop

When You Were Mine is available on iTunes now..!

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