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Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Video Alert - Zak Waters - Over You

Zak Waters is back with the perfect electropop treat. The song will get you moving, the video will get you hot, and the subject matter...well...the subject matter's actually kinda heavy. At first listen, you'd think the song and accompanying video are happy and fun. But then you realize it's about...


That's right. The infectious beat and digital bubbles are really the cover for some deep, deep feelings under the surface. That's also true of Zak Waters' talent, by the way. Boy has a hearty level of old school R&B soul under all of that synth. That alone makes this song and video worthy of our respect.

So when you watch the sexy, sexy video (seriously, that bed tumbling rivals any recent attempts by Miley Cyrus' Adore You or Ariana & The Rose's In Your Bed), you'll be surprised by the sad weeping of the video's star at the end. She spends the first 3 minutes apparently having the time of her life, but it's all to hide her pain.

Yes, Over You is about the power of casual sex to get over lost love. Now many an artist have given us humble listeners a how-to-guide to heal a broken heart over the years. Mariah Carey taught us that tight blue jeans and middle-school basketball would make our ex want us back Someday. Britney Spears recently doused a little Perfume in an attempt to scare off the competition. And Carrie Underwood seems to put out at least one song a year promoting more aggressive attempts to even the score.

But we can't remember a song that's highlighted the art of reckless rebounding like this. Rebounding is an understatement, by the way. The action in this video is more like racquetball. But indeed the end reveals that none of the bed bouncing has healed any of the pain. Happy Valentine's Day.

The dichotomy of upbeat music and deep and dire video messages is always intriguing, and Zak pulls the whole thing off perfectly. It's another effortless gem from this super talented man.

You can go get over somebody by grabbing this song at iTunes, or just by watching the video below. It may make you happy, it may make you sad, but you're gonna fall for it. As hard as it makes this lady fall into bed again. And again. And again..!

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