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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New Video Alert - Peter André - Kid

Yes, you're reading this right. We're reviewing the latest single from Peter Andr é and you know what? We like it!! Peter André became a bit of a joke in the music world after his schmaltzy pop tracks like Gimme Little Sign and Mysterious Girl and whilst he had some initial success, it was not to last... 

He then hit the public eye big time with his partner, model Jordan, in their fly-on-a-wall TV show Katie & Peter which did nothing to improve his standing.

Following their break up in 2009 though Peter's been head down, bum up working hard and doing well - especially with his home renovation show 60 Minute Makeover. It seems these few years of hard work, keeping out of the public eye and doing some genuine good in the community with charity work has done wonders for his profile, so much so to renew his music career now too!

As the single from the new movie Mr Peabody & Sherman, Peter André has a brilliant new single for us all with Kid. Fun, with a great melody and beat, it definitely was not what we were expecting from Peter. The video is fun too with Peter looking as good as he has since he had his abs out in Gimme Little Sign! We listened to Kid with reluctance but we're glad we did. This is a groovy little track and deserves to do well - have a watch here for yourself..!

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