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Friday, 28 February 2014

New Video Alert - Neon Trees - Sleeping With A Friend

To us, having your two biggest (and only significant) hits covered by a TV show as popular as Glee is a pretty amazing achievement. Animal and Everybody Talks have been smash hit successes for Neon Trees...
and the kids from William McKinley High did them justice in their small screen rendition of the tracks. Will they come back to cover their latest single Sleeping With A Friend? Whilst the title does seem like a Glee subject matter, only time will tell. 

Sleeping With A Friend is another great Pop track from the four piece Mormon band from Utah, however it doesn't have the same timeless impact of their two biggest hits to-date. The video is a fun with an 80's pop-art aspect to it that we haven't seen for some time in a music video. 

Will Sleeping With A Friend be a hit? We think it could be, but it's all up to radio play and you all out there to see if you like it enough! Have a watch here and decide if it's Glee-worthy yourself..!

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