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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Video Alert - Mariah Carey - You're Mine (Eternal)

The first single off Mariah Carey's upcoming album is here! Do those words sound familiar? They should. Technically, You're Mine (Eternal) is the 5th attempt at a "debut" single from an album that's now 2 years delayed. The question is will this one be any different, and does it actually have a shot at gaining some steam and forcing the release of the album...

The odds aren't in its favor. If this were the Hunger Games, Meems' latest effort would've been shot down before Jennifer Lawrence finished braiding her hair. Triumphant was a colossal bomb. Almost Home had potential, but failed to connect. #Beautiful was on its path to being huge, but some unfortunate decisions (#thatvideothough) derailed it quickly. And no one had any trouble letting go of The Art of Letting Go, a sleepy number that never had a chance.

But she's pulled out all the tricks for this one.

You're Mine (Eternal) combines all of Mariah's strengths, both in music and marketing. Ms. Carey's known for her ballads, and likely gets much more airplay around Cupid's Birthday (that's what Valentine's Day is, right?) She even released a Valentine's EP back in the 00s, so using this special day to highlight her new single is smart.

The cover of candy hearts also falls right in line with her long line of sweet and sentimental iconic images. In no particular order, butterflies, glitter, charm bracelets, daydreams, and lambs have all been overtaken by the Carey camp over the years. And now she owns those oh so cute (yet oh so gross, right people?) candy hearts.

And last but not least, she's been hitting up radio, BET, and all her usual haunts to promote the new song. We're fairly certain her interviewers have been contractually obligated to toss the word "legendary" around multiple times while she smiles and faces to the left (and only the left).

But let's talk about the actual song and video. The song is actually all right, if not amazing. The chorus is catchy, her voice sounds good (if not a little auto-tuney), and the inclusion of Trey Songz is as smart as casting Miguel in #Beautiful

The video, however, is just uncomfortable. She's almost entirely naked, which she's done for many a video at this point, for no particular reason than to remind us that she's still gorgeous (which she clearly is). But her mannerisms and refusal to get up out of a chair that is apparently made of's just awkward. The video just isn't memorable, or the tiniest bit creative. And we're not sure having a butterfly made of glitter at the end is a good idea. Mimi really shouldn't remind anyone of her association with Glitter.

But let's rewind. That voice is still amazing, the marketing is on point, and this album deserves to come out. So if we're a little underwhelmed by the song, and a lot underwhelmed by the video, it really doesn't matter. Just release the album, Meems. We're ready to move on to the next era already, and we're sure there'll be a few good gems on it either way. 

You can watch the glittery nudery video below, and buy it on iTunes. Yeah, it's a little late for Valentine's Day, but not nearly as late as this album..!

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