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Saturday, 22 February 2014

New Video Alert - Katy Perry - Dark Horse feat. Juicy J

Undoubtedly the Queen of the super-huge Pop video, Katy Perry does not disappoint with todays release of her latest video, Dark Horse. Her Egyptian themed...
video is filled with the most amazing colour, costumes, sets and imagination which makes Dark Horse definitely one of her most impressive videos to-date. What we think is most unusual about Dark Horse though is the change of fortune of the song itself. Originally released shortly after Roar, Dark Horse was only supposed to be a teaser of her album Prism

What we're sure she didn't expect, was the massive popularity of Dark Horse, racing to the top of the radio playlist charts. Another teaser released, Walking On Air also followed suit and both became hits without even being a single! Arguably, Dark Horse and Walking On Air become bigger singles than the official second single, Unconditionally

Katy has obviously realised what she had with Dark Horse and thrown millions of dollars at the video and created a magical spectacle, literally, with Empress Katy sending spells into her unsuspecting victims in the clip. One of her best videos we've ever seen (though we're a bit confused about the Twinkie pyramid) you have to watch Dark Horse here now..!

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