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Sunday, 23 February 2014

New Video Alert - Karmin - I Want It All

If you're a regular SCP reader you'll know how we're massive fans of Karmin. Since they broke onto the scene with Brokenhearted we've loved everything they've done - we've even interviewed Amy as well! Now they're back with another smash single I Want It All.

One of the SCP staff has a little confession to make - at first he didn't really get I Want It All and was a little disappointed considering his love of their last single Acapella. There was just one aspect of the song that initially turned him off - the 'da da dahs' at the start of the track. However after the song came on randomly in the car the full grasp of the song was appreciated. He realised that the song really is pretty amazing and the 'da da dahs' actually complement the song well!

Now the video is out and it just makes the track even better!! It's a fun video set in a nightclub, with some choreographed dancing and lots of colour - like a good Karmin video should be! Amy and Nick have 'it'. They know good pop and churn it out brilliantly! Have a watch of I Want It All here now..!

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