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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Video Alert - Basic Vacation - I Believe

There are some things in life that are universal. Love of music? Check. Love of boy bands? Yes. Love of vacations? Oh heck yes. And love of believing in things? Ab-so-muh-lutely. So when you combine all of these into Basic Vacation and their new video for I Believe, here's what you get...

...a video that makes you believe (like you didn't see that coming). 

Now, in a world filled with similar groups, it may not be the best idea to put the word basic in your band name, but luckily their music is anything but. These guys have the musical skills of Fun. with the catchy beats of The Wanted. That's a mashup that's perfect for contemporary radio.

They still need to stand out, however, and luckily their video is much more successful at doing so. It's your typical "band singing and playing on stage while boy meets girl in a bar" scenario. That's not exactly revolutionary video production, but have faith. These guys know how to take things up a notch.

Hot band leader? Great. Now give him sexy blue hair. That stands out. 

Chill bar scene? Fine. But use special effects to blow people all over the place.

And super cute couple? Yes, yes. But now there's a dog. The adorable factor just shot through the (apparently non-existent in this magical bar) roof.

In all seriousness, the song is incredibly catchy, so it would likely have caught on even without a video. It's the kind of universal song that you can apply to your love of a girl, a boy, a religion, a goal, or a bag of M&Ms. That last one's close to home as we just discovered Birthday Cake M&Ms here. That's a kind of love we have no trouble believing in.

But we also believe very much in the talent of Basic Vacation. Check your own faith by floating on over to iTunes to check out their debut EP and by watching the clip for I Believe below..!

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