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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New Single Alert - Skylar Grey - Addicted to Love

 Not to be outdone by the never-saw-it-coming Lana Del Rey & Walt Disney collaboration, Skylar Grey has joined forces with Robert Palmer and a Valentine's Day movie to...well...incredibly creep you out. Turn on the lights, grab a teddy bear, and check this out if you dare...

You're probably excited for Disney's Maleficent. You probably were from the moment you heard about it. Sleeping Beauty from the viewpoint of one of the fiercest movie villains of all time? Sold. And with Angelina Jolie, who honestly looks like she was born for this role (you didn't think she was born for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, did you?), there was no question this movie was winning the summer hype war.

And then you heard that song. That haunting, enchanting, mesmerizing cover of Once Upon a Dream. You went to Google to find out who sang it, and it didn't even bother you when you found it was Lana Del Rey. No disrespect to Ms. Rey, but she somehow garnered herself a posse of haters somewhere on the road to her infamy.

But one song shut them all up, and has the entire world foaming at the mouth for this song and film.

But you're not the only one aware of what happened. Turns out the marketing team for a slightly less anticipated film called Endless Love was paying attention. So they thought they'd take another vastly underrated artist and have her creepily cover an unexpected song. Guaranteed formula for success, right?

Let's be clear. Skylar Grey is incredibly talented. She's getting rave reviews for her collaboration with David Guetta, as we've already pointed out here. But if her cover of Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love was supposed to be creepily beautiful, it only achieved half of that.

It's creepy.

Lana's Once Upon a Dream works for 3 reasons. 1 - It's classic. Everyone knows it and at least respects it. 2 - The melody is beautiful. It moves you and gets stuck in your head. And 3 - The song builds and builds in a natural and intriguing way.

Skylar's Addicted to Love is less effective for 3 reasons. 1 - It's classic-y, but usually looked down on. We've never heard anyone talk about the artistry of Robert Palmer (just the army of fashion mannequins he hung out with). 2 - There's no real melody. So stripping away the music kind of makes it sound like a stalker called you on the phone. And 3 - It goes back and forth from quiet and a capella to frantic and noisy abruptly and often.

It's not hard to see why someone might think this is a good idea. Skylar Grey is phenomenal, and if it works for one film, why not another? But this just doesn't click. We suspect this song, and it's accompanying Endless Love film, will be slightly less successful than Lana and Angelina's. Check it out for yourself below if you're feeling brave..!

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