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Monday, 24 February 2014

New Single Alert - The Fray - Hurricane

One of the SCP crew had a rather embarrassing moment the other day and it's all The Fray's fault.

When new music comes out he likes to download them to his iPod and listen to them on his new car's excellent stereo, loud and clear to really appreciate the track. He just happened to download this new track from The Fray, along with  the latest single from U2 called Invisible.

 Listening to the songs on random Hurricane came on and he thought to himself... "geez i'm loving U2's new sound". A couple songs after, Invisible came on and he looked at his iPod to see what crap that was, and saw that was actually the U2 song! Remembering how much he loved Hurricane he looked back to discover it was the latest single from The Fray

Embarrasing himself severely for mistaking the singles he realised how far The Fray has come to sound so honed and professional with their latest efforts. We interviewed them recently and found a band not only professional but also very down-to-earth with a real passion fro music. Have a listen to Hurricane here yourself and tell us if you think it's pure The Fray..!

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