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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New Album Review - Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time

Sky Ferreira is quite the interesting artist. Her voice is unique, her songwriting enthralling, and her history in the music biz is already incredibly varied. And yet she's only just released her first full-length album. Everyone had different expectations for Night Time, My Time, and it's likely everyone was wrong...

Sky's first few forays into the world of music were almost all straight-forward pop. And they were really good. But as she slowly started showing more and more of her edge, her authenticity as an artist came into view. 

Lead single You're Not the One tells you exactly what makes Sky so refreshing; catchy beats that don't sacrifice intelligent lyrics, and a spunk that never feels irritating or forced. This is clearly Sky's artistic voice, not a push to appeal to any certain demographic. That feeling is very important for a debut effort, and Night Time, My Time has that feeling in spades.

Most of the album tracks are simply addictive. The cadence of Heavy Metal Heart, along with the infectious "aahs" in the background of the chorus, will burrow inside of your mind. Equally catchy are the melodies of I Will and 24 Hours. We're not sure if pop radio is ready to get this experimental, but if it is, these songs would get stuck in the head of anyone who stumbled upon 'em.

There's also a punk vibe that's sorely missing from the modern music world, and songs like Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay) have an extremely authentic, fast-paced, devil-may-care attitude that makes any recent pop attempt at punk look as convincing as your 80-year-old Aunt Esther dressed up as Debbie Harry on Halloween.

But that doesn't mean Sky can't get sensitive. Love in Stereo is not only full of electronic pulses and sound bytes, but also a tender translation of falling in love with someone who clearly doesn't want you around for the long haul. Sky's far from a victim, however, as I Blame Myself almost flippantly recognizes the inevitably destructive limits she (and many of us) impose on relationships before they even begin. And the melody and tone of her voice here are pure ear candy.

The crowning achievement is Everything is Embarrassing, a track that Sky has released before on various EPs. Putting it on her debut album too makes perfect sense, as it's the song that put her on many people's radar. The beat, harmony, and everything about this song make it one of the best pop tunes released in the last 20 years.

Not even a little bit kidding.

True artists create music that's innovative and can't easily be compared to other works. Any comparison we could make to this album would be a stretch. At best, we can tell you that Sky's charisma and honest lyrical content reminds us of Fiona Apple, though their sounds are actually quite different. It's just that we have a huge respect for the niche that Fiona carved out in the world of music. Sky is likely on a similar path, full of industry admiration and phenomenal music, regardless of her level of popularity at any given time.

You can (and should) buy Night Time, My Time at iTunes, and get sucked into Sky's charisma in the video for "You're Not the One" below..!

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