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Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Album Alert - The Bloody Beetroots - Hide

 EDM music can be tricky. It's hard to establish yourself as a successful force in that genre. If you go the way of pure club, you'll be loved for a few years and then vanish. If you go for pop success, you'll likely need a female vocalist and will only have one song that people will ultimately remember from a Just Dance video game. The cooler dance bands tend to go unnoticed, likely in the hopes of avoiding these fates. But The Bloody Beetroots have something few EDM acts do...

They're cool. They're damn cool.

And they've been honing their coolness for almost a decade. Cases in point:

1) They've done video games. But they've done a wide variety including sports and fantasy. You've kicked a digital soccer ball to their music, you just didn't know it.

2) They're trendy. Nowadays every kid wants to rock a Captain America hoodie or Wolverine belt. But The Beetroots were wearing Venom masks long before Andrew Garfield made everyone want to be Spider-man. You just didn't know it.

3) They've worked with the biggies. P!nk, Robyn, Placebo, and Ms. Britney Spears to name just a few. You've danced to their remixes, you just didn't know it. 

4) They owned a whole episode of MTV's Teen Wolf. The hottest place for new music (and beautiful people) is the perfect place to get cred these days. You watched a whole episode with their music... but this time you knew it.

As we said, TBB is starting to get noticed now, so it's the perfect time to check out their latest album, Hide, which was released worldwide only a few weeks ago. Full albums from acts like this often get repetitive and boring a few tracks in, but there are so many flavors here that your musical taste buds are constantly and pleasantly surprised.

If you're looking for a little EDM rage, Tommy Lee's collaboration on Raw is the perfect soundtrack for your angst. If you're in the mood for some EDM sexy funk, Glow in the Dark ft. Sam Sparro will have your pants on the floor in no time. And if you're looking for truly moving EDM, Greta Svabo Bech joins TBB for the lush Chronicles of a Fallen Love.

If those guest stars aren't enough to show you how respected TBB are, then how about the names Peter Frampton and Paul McCartney? Yeah, that Peter and that Paul. 

When Daft Punk won Album of the Year at this year's Grammys, it opened the door for a lot of similar acts to take center stage. Here's hoping The Bloody Beetroots make it there. Help 'em out by checking out Hide on iTunes, and scope the gorgeous video for Chronicles of a Fallen Love below..!

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