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Monday, 10 February 2014

Interview - JTR

Originating from Sweden, yet we have adopted them as our own, the JTR boys are taking on the Aussie charts with new single Ride. We caught up with the boys to talk about their music, forthcoming album, touring, girls and having a crush on Selena Gomez....

Welcome to SnapCacklePop boys…

Firstly, lets cut to the chase how are you finding being adored by all these girl fans?
Haha, we can’t lie it’s amazing! So exciting to have everything going on now so the fans from the show can actually see what we’re all about!

How you coping with being new heart throbs on the radio?
Wow, it’s been a big dream to hear our own song on the radio our whole lifes and now we have and it’s so amazing! So stoked about it, so keep requesting and asking for it so we can possibly hear it sometime when we’re in the car or something, that would be so cool! :D

Would you class yourself a typical boy band?
Well, we’re boys and we’re a band so.. haha but we write all of our own stuff and play it ourselves so I guess that’s not the typical boy bandJ

How you going to challenge the normal boy band stereotype?
We’re just trying to do our own thing, singing, writing from our hearts and lives. So basically with our own songsJ

Who would you compare yourselves to?
We have a lot of different influences, from John Mayer, Gavin Degraw, Ed Sheeran to The Script  and all the way to One Direction and Jessie J haha:D 

So you have a great new single – tell us about it?
The single is called “Ride” and it’s a really fun sort of summer feel song with a lot of popy melodies and guitar riffsJ We wrote it when it was summer in Sweden so we wanted to capture that feeling. It’s about taking a ride, maybe with someone special;) And not having to know where you’re gonna end up, just enjoy the moment and have funJ

You sing of spending time with a girl in the track – is this track based on someone special?
It’s left for imagination haha:D Just wanted to write about the anticipation and bubbly feelings you might feel on the first date but in a kinda casual way if that makes sense haha

So which one of you has girlfriends?
John and Robin has got girlfriends, Tom’s single and ready to mingle!

So are you looking for a girlfriend?
Yes Tom’s looking for love:D

What’s your perfect date?
Doesn’t have to be all fancy and stuff, if you find something that both of you likes to do and you can enjoy together, tha’s awesome, could be anything! Cooking, walking, surfing, having a picnic, baking! haha

So you have an album on the way, what should we expect from it? More tracks about girls?
More tracks about love and heart break of course! Haha but you can expect a good mix of different songs. Everything from catchy pop songs to a laid back ballad recorded in our living room!

Is writing your own music important to you?
So important! We really wanna feel that connection to the song that you get if it comes from the heart in the beginningJ Easier to project that live!

Where do you draw your influences from?
From every day life! We’re writing stories from our lives but also from stuff that we might have seen a friend go through or something like thatJ

How would you describe your music?
Pop with a singer/songwriter angle on it.

You have a very musical family -  Have they been providing you guidance?
Definitely! We’ve been growing up arpund instruments and in studios and stuff so we kinda grew into the music scene naturally with lots of good advice from home!

Do you feel pressure to be as successful as they have been?
Not at all, we’re gonna do this the best that we absolutely can and then we’ll see where that takes us! J

So when can we expect the album to drop?
7th of March, booom!

And you have your tour coming up – what can we expect?
The tour starts the 15th of march and you can expect lots of fun, good live music and three crazy swedes! haha

So to end we have you SnapCacklePop big 5 questions

 If you were not pop stars what would you be?
Pizza guys

  You appeared on reality TV show X-factor what is your reality TV weakness?
To sit still when we get make up, so hard!

Who do you have a secret pop crush on?
Tom’s got a bit of a crush on Selena Gomez

Which pop star would you love to duet with
Well Tom would obviously love Selena haha

Why do you have the best fans in the world?
 Cause they are the JTRme! They’re always supporting us, they’re funny and they make us smile, a lot! Thank you!!!

Thank you JTR, good luck with the single and look forward to seeing you on tour soon
Thank you so much for having us, it was a pleasure! Thank you, make sure to get your tickets soon to not miss out - Peace out..!

JTR single Ride is available on iTunes now..!

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