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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

William Orbit releases remixes of Madonna tracks..!

Not really have worked together since Ray Of Light, Madonna teams up with William Orbit and releases remix of Some Girls and Falling Free

The original track featured on MDNA that was produced by Orbit and wrote the track alongside Madonna and Klas Åhlund so you can understand his involvement, however the synth-pop  track has had a massive remix,  full of electro beats that runs for 9minutes. And after a bit of digging around, there is also a fantastic Orbit remix of Falling Free - Listen Here

These are amazing remixes, beautifully crafted by Orbit, using hard edgy beats and blending it with dreamy vocals that wouldn’t feel out of place of the Ray Of Light album.

But why release it now? Is it that Madonna is due to release a remix album soon? 

Check out the tracks now..!

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