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Saturday, 4 January 2014

SnapCacklePop Music Awards - Cackle Worst Pop 2013..!

2013 luckily did not have a lot of really bad tracks for the year but there were still a few that we avoided like the plague! Not everyone would agree with the nominations and some of them did quite well on the charts but the final two we're sure most will agree were pretty cringe worthy. So who are the winners of Worst Pop 2013? First, the nominees....

CACKLE Worst POP of 2013
Good Time - Paris Hilton
Walks Like Rihanna - The Wanted
Half Of Me - Geri Helliwell
Give It To Me - Robin Thicke
Bound 2 - Kayne West
Sweet Spot – Flo Rida Feat. Jennifer Lopez
Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo
Gentleman – The Saturdays

And the worst Pop runner-up goes to...

Flo-Rida churns out hit after hit after hit - basically he's a Pop machine but this year Sweet Spot didn't really hit the.. well, sweet spot. One of his worst tracks ever, Sweet Spot is disjointed, a mess of themes and sounds and much like other Flo-Rida songs, is overtly sexual - verging on uncomfortably so. Expecting it to be a big hit with the help of Jennifer Lopez, Sweet Spot never really hit the mark and the track was withdrawn as a single pretty quickly. We're not surprised and we are quite happy for Sweet Spot to be runner-up for Worst Pop of 2013..!

So that leaves the winner - the Worst single of 2013. And the CACKLE Worst Pop of 2013 goes to...

Paris Hilton!
Come on Paris - didn't you learn from the last time? Your music was panned, your vocals criticised and your songs flopped. Did you really think you could do better this time? The answer is no. Good Time came out this year with little fanfare and made absolutely no impact on the charts. Why? Frankly the song is awful. Written by songwriters following 'Pop 101' the song and lyrics are horribly simplistic and the song itself has zero musical merit. That's before we even get to the vocals!!! Paris sounds terrible - even though the vocal range is much lower and should be easier for her to sing! Then the disaster of Lil' Wayne comes in and makes what was excruciating, simply unbearable! Don't believe us? Then have a listen to the Worst Pop of 2013 here now..!

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