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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2013 - Pop Queen of the Year

2013 started slow for the females but boy did it end with an Beyoncé, sorry we meant bang!! With Britney Spears releasing her eighth studio album and starting a two year Las Vegas residency, Miley Cyrus doing anything to get attention, Lady Gaga getting creative with ArtPop, Katy Perry releasing  more "grown up pop" (her words not ours), Jessica Mauboy being Beauiful and gorgeous as ever and Beyoncé just being herself and slapping the music industry round the face with a big wet fish, it certainly gave us lots discuss when deciding who should win this award. So the nominations are...

SnapCacklePop Queen of the Year 2013
Britney Spears
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga
Jessica Mauboy
Katy Perry

And the runner up goes to...

Lady Gaga
We can hear people go "WTF" already, however after much discussion at SCP HQ our runner up for Pop Queen of the Year is mother monster herself, Lady Gaga. Why? Well we still think ArtPop is a good album. Yes there are a few crappy tracks but overall a better album than many that had been released this year and no-one can deny Applause and Do What You Want are fantastic pop tracks. Katy Perry was a close third and had a one of the biggest singles of the year, however Prism hasn't hit the mark with us yet, as we are still trying to love it. 

And the winner is...
Could there be anyone else really? Firstly she managed to do a world tour without releasing an album just relying on her back catalogue and lets not forget her super bowl performance where she friggin reunited Destiny's Child! But it's when Queen B "casually" dropped her album on iTunes a few weeks back without a marketing or record company promo in sight and let social media take over, the power of Beyoncé was shown to the world! 

If cutting out the middleman wasn't clever enough by itself, it was how Bey then casually went and posted pictures of Vegan cupcakes on her Instagram like it was just another day, when in fact she had just done this to rest of the albums released that year!!!
And let's speak of the album. Not only are the tracks, stunning, emotional, raw, personal, creative, edgy, urban, R&B and above all pop, it's a visual album crammed with 17 beautifully shot videos that are incredible and further add honesty to the album.

As we said in our review, she maybe nicknamed Queen Bey, but with the world tour, clever marketing campaign and outstanding album, there is full reason why we should Bow Down Bitches. 

Beyoncé you are undeniably SCP's Pop Queen of the Year..!

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