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Monday, 13 January 2014

Review - The Voice UK..!

Living on the otherside of the world here in Australia we often miss out on some of the incredible talent on shows we love like The Voice and X-Factor around the world. Whilst we’re always addicted the Aussie versions we sometimes get an international version – but mostly from the USA – we’ve had American Idol & the US version of The Voice here. One we’ve always heard great things from is The Voice UK - and thanks to the wonders of the internet, this year we’re totally engrossing ourselves in it! With the first episode of the new season showing a few days there was one other reason we had to watch it – our very own Kylie Minogue is a coach!!! So what did we think about the first episode of The Voice UK?

Here are our Top 3 Highlights of the night!

 If you never really rated her, wait to you see this Aussie starlet on screen – totes amazeballs! She has such  warm, caring and lovely friendly nature that it’s almost like she comes out of your TV screen to personally hug you!! And the audience is totally behind her too chanting ‘Kylie!, Kylie!’ when a contestant is choosing their coach! Looking absolutely stunning, Kylie is destined to be one of the most loved personalities on TV (especially after her next gig on the Australian version of The Voice)and Kylie is by far the best thing about The Voice UK!

The Talent
Yes everything we’ve heard down under is correct – there really is a wealth of amazing talent in the UK. When we compare the Aussie version to the UK version of The Voice it seems like each and every contestant has that ‘thing’ they’re looking for. In the Aussie version maybe fifty percent have it. Beth McCarthy has to be our favourite for the night putting her own spin on LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It. Lee Glasson was the only one to get all four judges to turn around doing a risky indie version of Kylie’s own mega-hit Can’t Get You Out Of My Head but he pulled it off – and got Kylie as a coach as well! Leo Ihenacho was also a stand-out – the former The Streets singer obvious confident in his amazing abilities performing Simply Red’s Holding Back The Years.

Ricky Wilson
When pics of this guy first came up on the screen we didn’t really know who he was. After a bit of web research we realised he was the lead singer from The Kaiser Chiefs. We also realised why we didn’t recognise him…. He’s lost a tonne of weight!!! Formally with a chubby forgettable face, Ricky Wilson has transformed into a suave, stylish ginger stud!! His brooding good looks come across so well on the screen and his eyes give so much expression you can’t help but watching him! He’s so great with the contestants too and you really can tell how much he’s into doing the show. Watching The Voice UK you’ll witness Ricky Wilson transform from being a relatively little known front man to one of the most followed men on TV!

So we’re sure that the third season of The Voice UK will not only unearth some amazing new talent from previously unheard of Brits but undoubtedly  it will also launch Kylie and Ricky into the TV celebrity stratosphere! We can’t wait till episode two..!

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