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Friday, 10 January 2014

Quick Interview with Foxes..!

End of last year when Foxes made a brief visit to Australia on a promotional tour, we literally got five minutes with the UK singer for a (very) quick natter...

Foxes certainly has stepped out from being just a collaborator after releasing her SIXTH single Let Go Of Tonight this week from her much anticipated debut album Glorious due out in March. We were lucky enough to have a quick fire Q&A with the singer where we find out she is just a silly as we are..!

Foxes, welcome to SnapCacklePopIs this your first time in Australia?

So firstly please explain, apart from being a fluffy animal that looks cute in the snow, why the name Foxes?
Penguins was taken

Did you play around with any other names like Squirrel or Koloa?
Yeah I wish I had

How was your gig last night?
It was mind blowing amazing good. Great crowd.

So many people may not have heard of you before, how would you describe your music?
A combination of sky diving whilst eating cake (and not choking)

So tell us the inspiration of your single Youth?
Basically I wanted to stay a big kid for life

There is an element of Florence + The Machine to your style, is this a coincidence or is Flo one of your inspirations? 
I think we may have had similar influences if anything

There is also an element of dance pop, did this come from your major collaboration with Zedd and smash hit Clarity?
Actually most of my album was finished before Clarity so no [haha]

That was a dance hit globally, should we expect any dance tracks on your forthcoming album? 
Yes there are some elements of dance music in there, however the album overall is a bit more organic

You have stated that the album will have "dark streak… as well as a pop element that runs through it." – what do you mean by this? 
Most of my music is kinda melancholy so that is why

Who have you worked with on the album?
A ghostwriter

Will there be any collaboration’s on your album?
Nope I’m going it alone this time

So what is planned for 2014?
Getting my album out there and touring

You have officially been put on SnapCacklePop’s One To Watch list for 2014, does that make you excited or nervous around your new album?
Always excited to hear that…

So we like to end on our SCP Big 5 questions, are you ready…

So the video see’s you breaking free from a dull grey office, escaping to frolic with your mates, do you think you would of ever suited being a office worker? 
Nah, I would photocopy my face and get sacked for loudly singing Disney songs in the office

Also in the video you wear Minnie Mouse head piece, who is your favourite Disney character? 
Snow White

If you had to be an animal apart from a Fox, what would you be and why? 
A Koala as they get high and hug trees

One of your lyric is “Don't tell me our youth is running out, it's only just begun” – what is the one thing you miss about your childhood you wish you still could do now? 

If you were having a dinner party what would you cook?
Cake Cake Cake and Cake

Foxes, you sly minx, with those big beautiful eyes, good luck with your single and we wish you all the best for 2014.
Thanks, I love you!

Foxes new single Let Go For Tonight is available on iTunes pre-order now..! 

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