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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Papa Vs Pretty take a stand to save Great Barrier Reef..!

Last night Papa vs Pretty released a video to raise awareness of the Great Barrier Reef dredging, a cause very close to their hearts and you can get involved too...

The band members have collected & edited official Great Barrier Reef footage & the video includes the album track To Do from White Deer Park, their new album out Feb 21.

Gus, Bassist from the band says "Hi everyone, here's something a little new for us. We're not usually a political band, but we do think it's hugely important that everyone thinks about and engages with the issues that are important. We've got a song on our new record called To Do which is about exactly that, and we thought it was especially relevant to the decision that's being made on the dredging of the Great Barrier Reef on Friday the 31st, so we made a video for it with some footage we borrowed from a group of biologists in Cairns who run a company called Adventure for Change. If you care about the issue, feel free to send the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority a message/sign a petition via the links in the video description. Hope you enjoy!"

      Sign a Petition:
     Send a Message:

You can show your support to the band and the Great Barrier Reef by spreading the word and signing this petition today..! 

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