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Friday, 24 January 2014

NEWS ALERT - Justin Bieber ARRESTED..!

Yes, the pop princes is n a fast track to bad boy of pop as prince Justin Bieber has been arrested for drag racing while intoxicated…

The Canadian singer was racing a rented Lamborghini and accordingly to the authorities in Miami Beach, Florida the Believe singer was driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Here's the mug shot.

A Miami Police Spokesperson has said  "Bieber was arrested at 4.11am," and in the below video you can watch as Bieber being pulled over by the Miami police.

According to the police report the Bieber crew had blocked off the road with their cars to create an improvised drag strip of which Justin was clocked traveling close to 95km/h up and down the residential street.

Bieber was initially taken to the local police station, and was then taken on Thursday night to the county jail for booking. Is Justin Bieber on path to self destruction or has being a pop star gone to his head? 

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