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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New Video Alert - R5 - (I Can't) Forget About You

 Everybody knows the Disney logo. It's a couple of very adorable mouse ears. But it should really be a sword. A double-edged sword. Having the word Disney attached to you promises success, but also prevents it as well. You're guaranteed the love of young tweens ages 10-14 for a few years, but once those girls actually grow up to date real boys, getting the world of music to take you seriously is nigh impossible. So how does the latest product of the mouse fair? Put on your ears and find out...

R5 is a band of 5 people. But the only one you'll recognize is Ross Lynch. And you'll only recognize him if you have kids, or just get really bored and watch the Disney Channel sometimes (stop judging...) Ahem, Ross is the star of Disney's Austin and Ally, a tween show about a couple of friends who seek fame in the world of music (what a coincidence). It's actually rather charming at times (we said stop judging), and Ross definitely has that Zac Efron, Jonas Brothers, etc. heartthrob vibe about him.

The rest of the band is composed of Ross's siblings, and one other random person (whose name also happens to start with R). Hence the name R5. But you don't know any of them. And if you're going to, R5's people have a massive uphill battle ahead.

Marketing a group like this takes a lot of careful planning, but it looks as if R5 is headed in the right direction. They have to have a song that's simple enough to keep their young fans, but mature enough (using that term loosely) to still have some older appeal. And the music itself has to sound similar to what's currently on radio, so as to sneak you into liking it before you realize what it is.

And with R5's latest video, (I Can't) Forget About You, they actually do rather well in that department. The sound could easily be mistaken for One Direction, and with a title remarkably similar to the new Shakira and Rihanna song, this song's sneaky factor is rather high. 

And in truth, it's actually a good song.

Good, but not altogether memorable. So here's where the difficulty of the video comes into play. They have to clearly highlight (and almost exploit) the star's heart-throbbiness, but manage not to alienate the other members. This video actually strikes a good balance there, and also handles the trickiest part of this move extremely well. Ross shows personality, but it doesn't come across as juvenile. 

That's impressive given the nature of the show he's from, and exactly what the band needs moving forward. 

R5 still has a long way to go to achieve non-mousey fame, but songs and videos like this should help them slowly grow their audience while Ross is still employed/enslaved by the ghost of Walt Disney. They may very well stay on the radar of radio until Ross breaks free and asserts his grown-and-sexiness, as have the Selena Gomez's and Miley Cyrus's before him. At which point we'll really see what kind of career awaits him and/or his family. 

Until then, you can grab (I Can't) Forget About You on iTunes, and check out the video below. If only so you actually see the appeal and stop judging us..!

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