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Monday, 13 January 2014

New Video Alert - Michael Paynter - Weary Stars

In the last season of The Voice in Australia there was one contestant who we were immediately drawn to for several reasons. Firstly his remarkable talent – a voice so strong, controlled and professional didn’t seem to fit in with the other contestants. Secondly his look – he owned it – even if you didn’t like his look you had to admit that it was all his. Thirdly and most importantly, we recognised him.

Michael Paynter was already in our record collection. Now we were watching him on  The Voice. Why? His record company made the daft mistake of dropping him. An amazing talent, Michael has now turned to arguably the most credible talent show to show Australia what he’s got. What he already had though was a respectable but not burgeoning career. 

With two amazing hit singles already behind him in Closer and the amazing power pop/rock track featuring The Veronicas, Love The Fall, Michael has already proven he knows how it’s done. He just need to be heard. Well it seems like The Voice was just the thing to get him back on track because despite being a runner-up (he should’ve won) he’s back with a new single and video that just proves how awesome he is. 

Weary Stars is one of his best singles yet that perfectly showcases his awesome song-writing abilities and the set of chords he’s got to back them up! Weary Stars follows his pop/rock formula but is more grown up, more melodic and far more refined than before and it deserves to be a big hit! A great video accompanies the single, though we’re a little unsure what the location scout was thinking of having the band play in front of some 60’s beach shacks!!! 

A great video otherwise and Weary Stars also kicks of a major tour Michael will be doing all around Australia. Watch Weary Stars here now then make sure you go to iTunes straight after to buy this talented man’s work..!

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