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Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Video Alert - Ariana & The Rose - In Your Bed

 We hope you're somewhere near a cold shower. If you're not, go find one right now. We're not kidding... Okay. Now that you have an emergency cool down on stand by, prepare yourself to hear the sexiest song you've heard in a very long time. 'Cause Ariana & The Rose are In Your Bed. And you'll be very happy about it...

This is a breakthrough song if we've ever heard one. Anybody can put out a by-the-numbers pop song and get a few YouTube hits with the right promotion. But to achieve this kind of impact? You have to be a master chef of music. You have to mix a list of perfectly chosen ingredients we've all tasted before, but combine them in a way that makes them all feel fresh and brand new.

So let's break down the recipe for this unique lil' pop gem.

We'll start with a talented female artist. Think along the lines of Lorde, Sky Ferreira, or Ellie Goulding. A very nice voice, but nothing too overpowering. Now for Ariana's twist: a sultry way of singing that doesn't feel dirty. She's full of power and in complete control, in the most beautifully effortless way.

Which brings us to the lyrics. Sexy songs by females almost always turn into Maxim soundtracks. Which means that they're designed to make men want them and fulfill all kinds of testosterony desires (see Mariah Carey's #Beautiful, which was likely made by a 13 year old boy just hitting puberty). This song is sexy as hell, but you'll never doubt for a second who's getting what they want. And it's Ariana.

She's incredibly captivating in the video, and even though it's a very simple and common visual, her tumbles in the sheets just feel different. Yes, Miley Cyrus just made a very similar music video (also likely sponsored by Linens N Things), but hers was intimate and sentimental. When Ariana smiles at you like a chesire cat, she looks incredibly evil, knowing full well she's just using you. But you're still going to want her to. It's the same dangerous sexy vibe Fiona Apple gave us years ago. With a little less anger.

As for the music, it never stays still long enough to be defined or bore you. It starts off very bare (as bare as Ariana) with nothing but smooth "ba-ba-ba"s to accompany her voice. Then a sexy 80s synth pulse pops in and seduces you as much as all the sheet romping (ps. we hope someone cleans those sheets). And just when you get used to the beat, a sexy 90s guitar comes in and adds even more passion. The song ends with a Tron style outro, which is appropriate. 

You'll feel like you've been sucked into something magical, mysterious, and mindblowing. And you didn't even have to use a quarter.

Ariana & The Rose have released a few singles before, but this will be the one that demands your attention. The upcoming EP is still a few months away, but you can go ahead and pre-order it on iTunes, and check out the seductive video below. Just remember that cold shower. We warned you..!

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