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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Single Alert - Lady Gaga - Do What U Want ft. Christina Aguilera

After performing together on The Voice Finale, Lady Gaga drops R.Kelly and releases Do What You Want with Christina Aguilera...

When they performed the track on the reality TV show, it caused the pop interweb into meltdown, having the two pop diva’s put aside their previously reported differences and join forces to showcase this amazing performance.

Now, R.Kelly has been dropped like a hot potato (to shift a few more copies) for the second track to be released of Lady Gaga’s third album ArtPop.

That said, Do What You Want is an amazing pop song and it does contain the "do what you want with me, what you want Lady Gaga" which makes it so much more fun and even more saucy. We can't wait for the video!

Listen to the track below..!

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