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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Single Alert - Karmin - I Want It All

 We've been rooting for Karmin. Sure, they could've easily go down as just a fun, one-hit-wonder summer band. There'd be nothing wrong with that. But they have a long list of reasons why they need to stick around for awhile. And they just gave us one more...
Before we get to their latest achievement, let's take an honest look at how they got here. Two ridiculously talented music school grads from Boston? That's the same place that gave us Joey McIntyre

In other words, that's a damn fine start.

But in all seriousness, knowing that Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan put the work in makes you feel like they deserve some success. The rest of the world agreed, and their star rose in large part due to the internet notoriety they received via YouTube, Reddit, and all manner of social media. That, and a shout-out from Ellen Degeneres. And a shout out from the queen of awkward-yet-sexy dancing always means good news is on the way (except for that awkward year where she judged American Idol, but let's just forget that happened...)

And indeed, in the summer of 2012, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing Brokenhearted, Karmin's debut single. It was massively successful all over the world, but was followed up by Hello, a song that paled in comparison in terms of its impact and reception.

So it honestly felt like the lil' Karmin flame had already flickered out. The good news is that both of those singles came from an EP, which means their record label could play around a little before dropping their debut album. That's a really smart move, as even though 2 years have passed since Brokenhearted, throwing that "debut" word in the mix makes them still feel new and anticipated, as opposed to dated and disappointing.

So with that, Acapella, the first single from the upcoming debut album, dropped. Again, it did well, but still didn't manage to capture that same magic. But just when it felt like it was time to give up, I Want It All hit the airwaves. And Karmin came into their own.

Now all 3 previous singles were good, but none of them really felt like they had longevity. They were catchy as hell, but seemed more symbolic of a single and fleeting time in music. That's why I Want It All succeeds in two major ways. 

First off, there's no talk-rap. Now, we love rap, and even talk-rap (paging Ke$ha...). But there's something about talk-rap in pop songs that makes them feel less deserving of praise, and a little gimicky. Even when that's not true, the perception can still be a hindrance.

Secondly, I Want It All has an R&B groove and an old-school dance tinge that blends several genres and time periods. That means when you hear it again in a few years, it won't make you just remember January 2014. It'll feel like it belongs in a lengthy catalogue of musical successes.

And it does.

So when you throw in a striking single cover and some polished up style, you have what could potentially be the song that makes Karmin a reliable pop act, and one that's here for a while. We recommend you ensure that happens by grabbing their fantastic new single on iTunes the second it's released. Since it's not, you'll have to listen to it below. 

And check out their most recent video for Acapella below, with baited breath, hoping that the vid for I Want It All gives us everything we want. And what do we want? We want it all..!

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