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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Kylie Minogue films new music video..!

With many of the big female pop stars releasing new material last year, it a clears path for Kylie to set the charts alight once again, as she confirms she is shooting new music video...

Ever since her K25 year, the pint size singer has been quiet working on new material with new record label Roc Nation. Whilst new single Skirt was released unofficially last year as a taster of what is to come, it didn't get Kylie Minogue fans or critics excited around new material. That was until recently in a french magazine interview saying new music is on it's way and "it's a very Kylie track" then yesterday Kylie confirmed on her Instagram she is officially recording her new video for proposed, yet not confirmed single Into The Blue.

So what's the new single like? Well according to the Miss Minogue interview in French magazine Le Figaro, the singer gave details of the song, saying

“We have the first single. All the people who listened to told me that it was undoubtedly a ‘Kylie song’. Let’s say it is a mix between that part avant-garde had ‘Slow’ or, at least, really different from the pop then this classic side found in the ‘Love at First Sight’ and its modern, contemporary, ‘[Can't] Get You Out of My Head’ … We pray for a new ‘Can’t Get’! … Yes, I think it is really a ‘Kylie song’ whatever the definition given to it. This song fits this range is mine. Because I am a performer, I do not like being locked into a single job“

Eeeeeeeeeekkkk..! Imagine a Can't Get You Out Of My Head v2.0.

With new single, album and becoming a judge on The Voice Australia, SCP HQ will go into mass discussion over the next few week as to how Kylie is going to take back the Queen of Pop crown this year. Until then lets go down memory lane and watch the video..!

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