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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Justin cries like a Bieber after hearing..!

Seems reality is starting to sink in for Justin Bieber, as he is facing charges of resisting arrest, drink driving and drag racing…

As we reported yesterday, Bieber was arrested for these offences in Miama Beach. What has since surfaced, is the pop brat has admitted his was driving under the influence, something which a 19 year old in the States shouldn’t be doing and also he was high on marijuana and prescription drugs, making him incoherent at the time of arrest. The situation wasn’t helped when Justin resisted arrest and shouted abuse at the police saying 'what the f*** are you doing?”
The Canadian singer was released on bail and ordered to pay $US2500 ($2800), where he left the courtroom and waved at young Bieber fans nearby.

However seems post release, the Canadian singer came to the realization of what he has done and broke down over the previous nights events. The singer could face up to six months in jail if found guilty, as under Florida law alone you have to be 21 to be drinking let alone driving under the influence. And if it is true the prescription drugs he was reportedly been taking (Xanax) were his mothers, he could have brought more spotlight onto his family rather than just himself.

What do you think of all this pop fans? Should he go to jail for what he has done? Or do you think he will be let off? 

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