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Monday, 6 January 2014

Introducing - The Fleet..!

Remember these names: Mikey, Dean, Will, Greg, and Jack. Separately, they each possess massive musical talent, determination, and charisma. Together, they form The Fleet. And you're about to fall in love with them...

If our words (and the ridiculously adorable picture above) aren't enough to convince you, we've got a whole fleet of reasons to get you on board. We'll even limit the amount of fleet-related puns and keep this review on course

Well, we'll try....

Now the first thing you're likely thinking is "tell me more about this boy band". We've written before about how the title of "boy band" sometimes prevents people from taking legitimate talent seriously. You can blame the 80s and 90s for this, as while we love old school heartthrobs like New Kids on the Block and Menudo, being attractive was really the major job requirement back then.

Luckily, a post-2000 world has brought us attractive boys that can not only sing well, but can also play their own instruments and even write their own songs. Look no further than the new leaders of the world, One Direction, for proof (we hear the UN is making Liam and the boys a nameplate as we speak...)

And yet it's still rare to find bands with that much charisma who've gotten their start doing the hard work of playing local bars and paying their dues. And that brings us to The Fleet.

What started as a duo between Mikey Jones and Jack Postlethwaite has evolved into a major musical force. Footage of Mikey and Jack reeks of artistic synergy. Jack's guitar work is inspired, and Mikey is not only a talented songwriter, but also has a voice that's vital to make it big in music. Lots of guys can sing, but this one has a quality to his voice that is intriguing and unlike any you've heard before. 

Quite simply, Mikey's mesmerizing vocal tone should limit any comparisons and help them stand out as a group worth noting.  

As the guys added Dean Snell, Will Graham, and Greg Joy, they gained more and more experience touring in their homeland of Chester. And in case you weren't aware, the world has a special affinity for British boy bands. That accent is a universal aphrodisiac, and has been ever since our grandmothers were selling all of their earthly belongings for a Beatles record.

But again, let's just toss the words "boy band" aside for a moment. Coldplay? A bunch of guys. Also an amazing band with an incredible ability to evoke emotion. U2? Guys, guys, guys. But that kind of longevity doesn't come without exceptional talent. And The Fleet is honestly more similar to those bands than say, The Wanted.

So get to know them in the video for Get Up and Run below, and head over to their Facebook for some free downloads as they prep their first album. We've already bought our tickets to board The Fleet, and we expect a long and entertaining voyage. And apparently a never-ending supply of puns..!

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