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Saturday, 28 December 2013

SnapCacklePop Music Awards - OMG That Brilliant New Artist 2013..!

2013 certainly gave us a lot of fantastic music to listen to and it was a year that really gave us some unique new sounds. Looking at the finalists for OMG! That Brilliant New Artist, there's really only one artist whose 'sound' we've heard before (with only 1 single to-date let's wait and see though hey?!). It's that original-ness that we loved in 2013 that made the winners to be discussed in depth and passion by the SCP crew. So who picked up the award? And the nominations are...

OMG! That Brilliant New Artist Award 2013
London Grammer
Dami Im
Imagine Dragons

 Well first we have to mention Lorde - she didn't win, but boy she made an impression on the music scene this year. Impressing not only the industry, but the fans as well with her mastery of music. For us though it's the next two that made the biggest impression and take out the runner-up and winner of OMG! That Brilliant New Artist..!

Runner Up
What an amazing year these sisters from Los Angeles have had. When it comes to a new artist, you'd be lucky to have one or two of their songs played on the radio - Haim are now up to five singles from their debut album being hits! A remarkable achievement - as is their 'signature' sound. You won't mistake a Haim song - they have their own way of making music and it works. From Don't Save Me to The Wire and their new single If I Could Change Your Mind they have their own little beat and style that instantly ingratiates you to their style. Definitely a band we'll be seeing more of! Well done Haim..!

Imagine Dragons
To be honest, Imagine Dragons is not a band loved by every SCP staffer but what everyone does recognise is the phenomenal year the achieved. It was actually in 2012 that we first heard It's Time and SCP brought it to you in Pete's Pop Picks - but the song did not really have an impact until the start of 2013. It was the success of It's Time that led to a string of hit singles from this four piece Las Vegas based band. On Top Of The World, Demons and Radioactive, all have had massive impacts on radio, the charts and their album Night Visions has been massively popular. Their almost anthemic singles tied with artistic and creative videos has led to Imagine Dragons being one of the biggest bands in 2013 and deserving winners of SnapCacklePop's OMG! That Brilliant New Artist Award..!

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