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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2013 - Pop King Of The Year..!

Seems like we have a completely different list this year from our Awards of past! In the past two years we've had DJ's take the crown with David Guetta and Calvin Harris making massive impacts those years. With Avicii having a brilliant year in 2013, could the DJ's make it a trifecta, or could the might of Justin Timberlake, the fan-base of One Direction, the good guy attitude of Olly Murs, the amazing vocals of Bruno Mars or the sheer talent of Flume take it out?

Well before we find out who is the SCP Pop King of the year, here are the nominees...
SnapCacklePop King(s) of the Year?
Olly Murs
Justin Timberlake
One Direction
Bruno Mars

And the Pop King(s) Runner Up goes to...

One Direction
What a year Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn & Louis have had. A massive sell-out world-wide concert series, huge singles in Best Song Ever and Story Of My Life, another top selling album in Midnight Memories and even their own movie topped off 2013 as a year to remember for the lads. 

Their fan base grew stronger and they've shown a remarkable maturity in their new music that have impressed us a lot. Still as cheeky as ever, the boys just look like they're having fun and it's so great to see - we do hope they get some rest though over the Holidays so that they're ready to go in 2014!! 
Congrats to our runners-up, One Direction..!

And the 2013 SnapCacklePop King goes to...

Olly Murs..!
An unlikely winner you might think, considering the company he keeps but for us at SCP there could be no other winner. Olly Murs has had his best year ever in 2013, releasing hit single after hit single form his brilliant album Right Place, Right Time

Olly was everywhere this year. Appearing on TV shows around the world showing us how much of a nice guy he really is, he's won over the world with his boyish charms, good looks and more importantly, fantastic music. He made his first significant impact on the American market with his hit single Troublemaker and sold out concerts all around the world! How good is he live? We saw him a couple of months ago in Sydney and he blew us away! 

Olly has broken the DJ's run of wins and cemented himself as a SCP Pop King forever..!

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